Twilio Teams Up With Nonprofits To Help Fight Human Trafficking

For human trafficking victims, the key to rescue is communication. We’ve teamed up with the Polaris Project, Thorn, and to build a new avenue of rescue for victims. Victims and concerned citizens can text the Twilio-powered shortcode “BeFree” (233733) to be immediately connected with the the Polaris Project’s National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC). The Polaris Project will work to gather critical information, and even… Read More

Max Temkin Fights Robocallers with Charles Dickens and Twilio

It’s unlikely Charles Dickens intended for his prose to be used to ward off robocallers and telemarketers. But it just works so well. Using Twilio, Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity and Humans vs Zombies, created a Twilio-powered line dedicated to ward off telemarketers. When they call, they’ll be greeted with the iconic lines from Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, “it was the best… Read More

Tonightish Makes It Easier To Book Trusted Babysitters w/ Twilio SMS

Booking a babysitter is no small task. Typically, you need to book a sitter weeks in advance. If your go-to sitter isn’t available, you might be canceling your Friday night plans. Tonightish hopes to change this, and bring parents some much needed spontaneity. Tonightish expands your circle of trusted babysitters, and puts them one push of a button away via a mobile app. Here’s how it works… Read More

The Future of Mobile Marketing: Creating Connected Experiences

As mobile devices drive a second Internet revolution, an increasing number of companies have started leveraging cloud APIs and location-based messaging to interact with their customers creating more compelling experiences. This has become a source of competitive advantage for companies like Walmart and Airbnb. What it you could increase your marketing campaign response rates? What if you could customize your mobile marketing engine to your fit… Read More

Video Screencast: Building an App with Twilio Client and Web RTC

When you hang out with a Developer Evangelist you do typical things like learning to build IVR apps, using Web RTC with Twilio Client, embedding Twilio Client into your browser based app, and of course–listening to disco through Twilio. Kevin Whinnery covered all these things and more in last week’s instructional Google Hangout. If you missed it, we’ve got you covered, the video is below. Add… Read More

Build a Twilio Hard Phone with SIP from Twilio, Raspberry Pi, Asterisk, FreePBX, and the Obihai OBi100

This post used the Dial and SIP TwiML verbs and the Twilio Message Rest API If you have worked with Twilio before, you have surely heard that sweet, sweet ring of your phone many times. But today, we are entering uncharted territory – you are going to learn how to make a phone ring without it even being connected to a traditional phone network! All you… Read More

Help Apps Alliance Map The Developer Ecosystem–In 90 Seconds

Apps Developers Alliance has one simple goal: to represent the voice of the developer, and help them succeed in the industry. But, in order to do that, they need an accurate snapshot of the size and strength of the developer ecosystem. It’s easy to recall the apps developers built, the hackathons they host, or the companies they’ve founded. Apps Alliance is trying to quantify all that,… Read More