GroupGel Makes It Easier For Friends To Communicate with Twilio SMS

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 12.44.56 PMGroupGel helps large groups communicate and interact easily. Whether you’re sending a text, scheduling an event, surveying interests or starting a discussion, you can do it all in one place with GroupGel. We spoke to GroupGel CTO, Colin MacLean about how GroupGel got their start and how they’re using Twilio.

How did GroupGel get started?
GroupGel was born out of the basic idea that Groups are Good. People do good things in groups. Whether it’s school, charity, campaigns or sports — groups create community, get things done, and make the world go round.

What was your reason for founding GroupGel?
We’re pretty active volunteers and group leaders ourselves. As much as we love groups, we hate it when all our time is spent managing the group, with not enough time for the doing of the group. So like they say, we decided to scratch our own itch, and created GroupGel to help.

How are you using Twilio?
Twilio is integral to our success at GroupGel.  We use it for sending out group SMS and Voice Notifications.  We have schools using it for emergency notification to parents, we have churches using it for connecting with their parishioners (some of whom don’t have email or SMS so the voice feature is great).  We also use the inbound SMS functionality to allow new users to sign up to their group by texting a unique code to our SMS number.  So a group leader can be standing in a group of 100 volunteers and within seconds they’re all connected and communicating with each other.

What’s next for GroupGel?
GroupGel is at a very early stage, we are just transitioning now from beta to live.  We have over one hundred groups signed up and over a thousand members of those groups.

Next step for us is exciting, we have a number of large schools, churches, entrepreneurial organizations and fitness clubs all in negotiation to integrate GroupGel into their organizations.  We’re continuing to roll out cool new features that help make GroupGel the best solution it can be.

Learn more about GroupGel visit their website here.