Metablocks Helps Bands Reach Fans via Social Apps with Twilio

metablockslogoOliver Muoto built many successful companies. Now, he’s helping musicians build their fan base through social media apps.

His company, Metablocks, helps artists interact with their (thousands of) fans easily and intuitively.

Metablocks’ clients range from punk labels like Tooth and Nail Records, to Grammy winning artists like Sade. The thread connecting their client list is the ability to connect with fans through social apps.

Their goal, in Oliver’s words, is to build “more compelling voice, text and mobile applications for the entertainment industry that more seamlessly integrate voice technology and social media channels.”

For example, if you’re a Maggie Rose fan and you want to congratulate her on her new single, just call her. The Twilio app on her Facebook page lets you easily leave a message which will be embedded on that page.


Oliver detailed the components of Maggie Rose’s app: “We are using a vanity Twilio number along with Twilio’s PHP API, TwiML, MySQL for database storage, custom message player developed in Adobe Flash, used to play Twilio messages along with their waveform.”

Most fans of Metablock’s clients like Maggie Rose, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift, won’t ask for the code behind the app. Still, Oliver argues it’s important to understand why and how the app is being used.

“For the music and entertainment industries, mobile, voice and texting are a natural fit. Mobile usage and access is skyrocketing in music markets and our clients are looking for innovative and compelling ways to contact their users and fans.”

Oliver and his team are building currently building out their features TweetMatic, WidgetMatic, and Code2Music. To learn more about Metablocks, visit their website here.