Spotify #ArtistsHack Recap: Building Apps For Art

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 4.54.53 PMSpotify and Backplane put on an artists’ hackathon challenging hackers to make apps as awesome as the art that inspires them.

Even a temporary power outage couldn’t stop the Artists Hack! The event continued with Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, NJ, picking the winners. There were too many awesome hacks to mention but you can see the full list of hacks here.

The Hacks

A Long Life For Post Rock Bands (Twilio Award Winner)
So, you love post-rock but your fingers get tired typing “Explosions In The Sky” into Spotify. Paul Lamere shares your pain. Now, instead of typing in long band names, he tells Siri to send a text to a Twilio number which will then pull up the URL of that band’s Spotify page.

Biomuse let’s your body pick your playlist–quite literally. It measures your heartbeat and other biometric indicators to make the Spotify playlist suited for you and your mood.

Party On!
There’s a horribly awkward silence that falls over the room when your party playlist is over and there’s no new music on deck Party On! makes sure that horrible moment never happens and sends you a text via Twilio SMS when your playlist is winding down.

Two Tone
Two Tone matches the color palette of your favorite albums with products on Etsy. My favorite album’s color tone is cac7c1, what’s yours?

Press 1 for Metal
This app lets a robot read the lyrics of your favorite song. Press 3 for Hip Hop and hear how funny it is to hear a robot voice read the lyrics of Wu Tang Clan’s “Da Mystery of Chess Boxing.”

The Tweets

Find out where Twilio will be at #SxSW here