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Wello Brings Personalized Workouts To You with Twilio SMS


welloheaderI am an expert at finding reasons not to go to the gym. If a Law and Order re-run is on, I’m staying on the couch. But, now I may have run out of excuses. Wello is bringing the gym to your living room, couch, or wherever you may hide from your workout. They offer personalized workouts you can do via video chat with a trainer, your friends, and your family.

We spoke with Wello CEO Ann Scott about fitting fitness into your life, using Twilio to communicate with Wello users via SMS, and Ann’s generous offer to give blog readers a free workout! Just grab the promo code below, and hit your workout hard.

What sparked you to found Wello in 2011?

My partner Leslie and I were having trouble fitting fitness into our busy lives. The gym was inconvenient and expensive. The at-home options we found were uninspiring. We hypothesized that connecting personal trainers with clients over 2-way video could be a better way to workout that was both convenient and motivating. We tried a workout with a trainer over Skype and were blown away by how great it was – he corrected our form, encouraged us to work harder and kicked our butts. After that workout we decided we wanted to share that experience more broadly and help people around the world get and stay fit more easily.

How are you using Twilio?

Twilio makes it possible for our trainers to stay up-to-date with Wello. Personal trainers are constantly at the move – whether it’s in the gym with clients or on the road from one appointment to the next. When our trainers get booked for Wello workouts, they need to know right away so that they can be ready to go at the allotted. We text them the details of a client booking so that they can check their calendar and confirm they’re available. They send a quick confirmation code and we confirm the session within our system. It’s simple, seamless and effective.

What has the user feedback been like?

Users LOVE Wello. We have had clients that have completed over 80 workouts on Wello since we launched in July. Welloers have lost hundreds of pounds, gotten swimsuit season ready, have rehab-ed injuries and just plain felt better.

What’s next for Wello?

We recently launched Wello Group Workouts which means you can workout with your friends and family across the country. We’ll be working hard to grow our group workout offerings so that you can do anything anytime of day. Advanced Hatha Yoga on Tuesday morning? Beginner Pilates on Saturday afternoon? High-Intensity Intervals on Wednesday night? You can find exactly what you’re looking for in a Wello group.

Also, keep an eye out for a Wello iPad app later this year as well as fun, interactive and effective goal-setting and tracking.

Anything you’d like to add?

Wello has eliminated all of the excuses that come with not working out. No time? In 30 minutes, you’ll get an amazing workout from anywhere. No motivation? Personal trainers hold you accountable and keep you excited about your workouts. Lack of money? Twilio blog-readers, the first Wello workout is on us! Use the code twilio2013 for a free 60 minute group workout.

To learn more about Wello and use their promo code (twilio2013) visit their website here

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