Seattle Hacks – Using Github Pages and Jekyll To Finally Create The Noiseless Hacker Calendar

After about a year of working for Twilio as a Developer Evangelist in Seattle, I was still having trouble answering simple, recurring questions: What are the best developer meetups in Seattle? Are there any cool hackathons or conferences coming up? Why do developers love bacon so much? These are questions asked by developers and should be answered by developers. So some friends and I got together… Read More

Twilio Fund Europe Deadline Extended to May 6 – Apply Now

Ahoy! We’ve extended the deadline for submissions to our 500 Startups backed micro fund, Twilio Fund Europe to May 6th 11:59 GMT. Building the future of communications isn’t easy, so we figured a few more days to work on your applications wouldn’t hurt. Apply via AngelList right here. We’re looking for companies that are innovating communications products and creatively using the Twilio API. To be eligible… Read More

CallTask Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your Call With Twilio

CEO Joel Gross built CallTask as a training tool for his sales team at Coalition Technologies. He used Twilio to record sales calls that his team could download and listen to when on-boarding a new salesperson. Pretty soon, CallTask was a lot more than a training tool. Joel built a CallTask dashboard, added call tracking and call mapping. Then Joel’s customers began using the service. Now,… Read More

Win an Atomic Getaway to Visit the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

A team of the worlds brightest scientists from over 100 countries are working to simulate the Big Bang in a giant 17 mile long hadron collider, buried 574 feet below the earth. Why are they doing this? To prove the existence of the Higgs Boson particle which might just be the particle glue of the universe. This is CERN. Sound awesome? It is and General Assembly,… Read More

Mobile Commons Connects Citizens to Senators with Twilio

Mobile Commons is giving citizens the communication tools they need to spark political action. They’re powering the communication technology behind Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ (MAIG) campaign to pass more comprehensive gun laws. Mobile Commons and MAIG’s joint effort called, Demand Action, allows citizens to contact their local senator’s office directly via Twilio. When you call Demand Action’s Twilio number, you’ll be prompted with talking points for… Read More

HomeJoy Bringing Everyone Clean and Happy Homes, Powered by Twilio

When clutter inspires a startup, you get HomeJoy. Founding a startup from your home can get messy. For Adora Cheung and her brother Aaron, the mess they accumulated while working on one startup actually inspired them to found another Homejoy (formerly Pathjoy). After being frustrated with the mess at their home and office, Adora struggled to find an easy cleaning service that worked with her schedule…. Read More

RETZ Brings Telephony To The Theatre with Twilio

Typically, the  telephone is the enemy of live theater. When someone’s phone rings in the middle of a climatic scene, it distracts the audience and disrupts the story. However, one U.K. based theatre troupe, RETZ, is encouraging audience members to use their phones during performances. RETZ is using Twilio in their current production of Franz Kafka’s The Trial, to add another dimension to the story. Audience… Read More

Twilio Fund Winner Profile: Babelverse Bridges Language Barriers with Twilio

Building Around The Language Barrier Phrasebooks, calls to friends who could act as language interpreters, and Google translate queries weren’t cutting it while developers Mayel and Josef were travelling abroad. The language barrier was getting the best of them and they needed a way around it. Their solution was to build an on demand language interpreting service that connects you with a professional interpreter instantly. Using… Read More

SocialSamba Builds New Avenues for Storytelling w/ Twilio

During SxSW I got a text from The Mad Hatter. “Next time I yell ‘I am a golden god!’ and jump into a pool, I’m checking my pockets so my cell doesn’t drown in that pool drool,’” he wrote. As much as I’d like to believe that the text came from The Mad Hatter himself, it actually came via SocialSamba, a new interactive storytelling platform focused… Read More