CallTask Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your Call With Twilio

CallTaskLogoCEO Joel Gross built CallTask as a training tool for his sales team at Coalition Technologies. He used Twilio to record sales calls that his team could download and listen to when on-boarding a new salesperson. Pretty soon, CallTask was a lot more than a training tool. Joel built a CallTask dashboard, added call tracking and call mapping. Then Joel’s customers began using the service. Now, CallTask is a complete phone platform any business can use.

CallTask uses Twilio to record, map and track calls in one easy to use dashboard. “CallTask has been enormously helpful as it allows me to track all leads sent to Coalition Technologies so that I am able to know what marketing areas deserve more investment. It also helps me track salespeople so I can listen to calls and give good timely coaching advice,” says Joel.


Let’s say you’re a startup who wants to see if an ad promoting your sales hotline will spark any traffic. You can buy a Twilio-powered number from Call Task, put that number in the ad, and start tracking data.

When prospective customers see the ad and call your sales hotline, you can record those conversations, download an MP3 of the call, rate the customer’s satisfaction, and look up their previous call history. You can also see where the traffic is coming from, and use that data to measure your advertisement’s success. If a few of your salespeople getting a bulk of the calls, you can use CallTask’s mapping feature to forward calls to different team members. When you need to follow up you can use Twilio Client, to call that customer back right from your browser.

“At Coalition Technologies, we’ve logged over 85,000 minutes using CallTask,” says CEO and creator Joel Gross. Plans start out at $19 a month and scale as needed. They’re currently offering new customers a free trial plan with one number and 50 minutes of call time. Joel plans on implementing call queueing, conferencing, Twilio Client integration and features like voicemail and call transfers.

To learn more about CallTask visit their website here.

  • Bruce

    I’m tested it our for a week and then got the Gold plan for my small company. It’s great to keep our calls organized and everyone up to date. Congratulations to the team. PS: Is Basecamp integration in the roadmap?

  • Joel Gross

    Thank you Bruce! We have been thinking about offering an API to our service which will enable integrations such as Basecamp, but this is not very high on the product roadmap currently. Please let me know if you need any other assistance.