Daniel Jabbour Fights CISPA with Twilio API and Change.org

cispa.jpgWe fought and defeated SOPA and PIPA. Now CISPA is picking up where they left off.

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act bill allows for warrantless monitoring of private information from Facebook, Twitter, and even private emails.

Companies like EFF, Mozilla, ACLU and the Center For Democracy and Technology  spoke out against CISPA, imploring readers to contact Congress and take action. A few developers used Twilio to build a platform that allows anyone and everyone to get involved.

In just 24 hours, Daniel Jabbour of Amoeba Consulting, Gabe Sanchez and Jon Perri built CISPAPetition.org using the Change.org API and Twilio API. The site allows you to sign the petition against CISPA, locate your local representative, and contact them free of charge using Twilio.

To contact your representative, enter your phone number and click “Call Now.” This will initiate a call via Twilio Client, which will forward to your cell phone number and then connect you with your representative.


“Twillio is making the democratic process much easier by allowing citizens to connect directly to their representative after signing the Change.org petition. While call tools in the political process are nothing new, it would have never been possible to build this in under 24 hours without Twilio,” says Daniel Jabbour

The petition currently has over 100,000 signatures and Jon Perri, Deputy Director at Change.org expects that number to climb. “It’s true power in action and I’m so excited to watch what people like Daniel are doing with Change.org.”

To learn more about CISPA, contact your local representative, or sign the petition, visit CISPAPetition.org