Day In The Life: Being A Twilio Product Manager

emmadanninTwilio is hiring for a Senior Product Manager! We’re looking for someone who can organize big ships, plan sprints, and drive worldwide expansion so any developer on the planet can use Twilio. You can find the job listing here. Now let’s take a look at a typical day for Product Manager, Emma Dannin.

Emma works on the Voice Team, collaborating with the engineering team to ship new products and empower developers worldwide. Emma comes from a unique background. She holds dual degrees in Cognitive Science and Music, and previously worked as a software developer. We talked to Emma about what led her to Twilio and Product Management.

How did you end up here at Twilio?

I was recruited from my former job. I thought the interview process was great, and the technology seemed really intriguing. I like that it’s a disruptive technology aimed at developers and enterprise companies; it resonated a lot with my prior experience.

What is a typical workday like for a Product Manager at Twilio?

There’s no such thing as typical in the workday of any product manager — that’s why so many of us who gravitate toward this field are extreme multitaskers. I do spend a lot of time emailing, chatting and using Jira.

How is your work as Senior Product Manager of Voice different than that of the messaging team or other engineering team?

There are a lot of eyes on what I do as it’s the product with the biggest chunk of company revenue, although I think messaging is probably the most similar in terms of what they build and team size.

What are some valuable skills or traits for someone looking to be a Product Manager at Twilio?

Intelligence, perseverance and even temperament.

What is the most challenging part of your job and what is the most rewarding?

The most challenging part is where the company is at — there’s a lot of growing up still to do as we build in important new processes as we scale. The most rewarding is working with such a driven, kind and often hilarious group of people.

What’s your most memorable experience at Twilio (so far)?

Spending New Years with Twilions up in Tahoe was definitely awesome. If it’s a question of something happening at the company — launching Jira or <Sip> are definitely two big wins, I think.

Why should someone join the Product Management team at Twilio? 

Twilio is not only growing as a product but as a company. There’s a lot of opportunities to define not just roadmaps but also process. The potential is pretty great.

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