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Mobile Commons Connects Citizens to Senators with Twilio


Mobile Commons is giving citizens the communication tools they need to spark political action. They’re powering the communication technology behind Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ (MAIG) campaign to pass more comprehensive gun laws. Mobile Commons and MAIG’s joint effort called, Demand Action, allows citizens to contact their local senator’s office directly via Twilio.

When you call Demand Action’s Twilio number, you’ll be prompted with talking points for your senator’s office in addition to information you need to show your support. Then you’ll hear the friendly Twilio voice alerting you that you’re being connected to your senator’s office.

As the Gun Control Reform Bill hit the floor of the Senate last week, Rachel Maddow featured Demand Action’s campaign on their programs.

Mobile Commons is also running a “MYVOICE” campaign with Tony Bennett, using SMS to connect citizens with senators. To learn more, check out their feature on Piers Morgan’s program below.

To learn more about Mayors Against Illegal Guns, visit their website here. To learn more about Mobile Commons, visit their website here.

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