Diginate Shares Shipping Status Updates with Customers via Twilio SMS

How hard could it be to custom order a few posters? Tim Lamm (pictured right) discovered it’s pretty hard, and more expensive than you’d think. You could order prints from a big manufacturer and pay for more than you need. Or, go to a local printer and pay more than you should. Tim Lamm built Diginate to occupy that happy medium in between: offering custom printing… Read More

Old Stories, New Tech: StoryWorth Captures Family Memories with Twilio Voice

The phrase “ship it” means one thing to Nick Baum (pictured right), and another to his father. To Nick, those are last words you hear before deploying code. To his father, “ship it” means to put something on a boat and send it off. This generational gap intrigued Nick Baum and led him to found StoryWorth, a new way to share and record family stories. StoryWorth… Read More

SOBERLINK Improves Alcohol Monitoring and Communication with Twilio SMS

SOBERLINK is fighting an old old problem with new technology. They’re offering law enforcement and treatment centers a new way to stay in touch with patients, and monitor their alcohol consumption. Their alcohol monitoring tool, SL2, uses Twilio SMS to send test results to sponsors, family or friends. We talked with Heather Fitzgerald, Marketing and Communications Manager at SOBERLINK, about how they’re using Twilio, working with… Read More

Txt2Give Lets You Donate to Non-Profits via Twilio SMS

Engineer and entrepreneur, Chad Boyd (pictured right) wanted to create an easy and secure way to donate money to his church. When it came time for donations on Sunday, he never had his checkbook and didn’t want to write his name, address, and credit card number on a slip of paper for all to see. So, Chad built a solution himself. Txt2Give, which allows sports fans,… Read More

Apply Now to Join the DOer Express to the International Startup Festival in Montreal

Twilio DOer Express

Start practicing your company pitch and print out extra business cards, the International Startup Fest is happening July 10 -12  in Montreal. Twilio, SendGrid and Windows Azure are teaming up again this year to bring the brightest of the startup world to Montreal aboard the DOer Express. Apply now before June 7th to join the DOer express. The DOer Express will ride from New York to… Read More

Introducing Twilio HQ 3.0: Our Brand New Office

Twilio HQ 3.0: New Space, Same Heart 2013 has already been an incredible year – our community is out there fighting human trafficking with shortcodes, battling robocallers and building communications solutions to disrupt the oldest of industries. Twilio-powered companies are accelerating faster than ever before. As our community grows, so do we and we’re super excited to be in a brand new office to accommodate the… Read More

Automating Twilio Integration Tests with Test Credentials

Twilio recently introduced Test Credentials which gives you an easy way to use automated integration tests to exercise the parts of your application which use the Twilio REST API. Using test credentials, you can pretend to buy phone numbers, send SMS messages, or make phone calls without charging your account, updating the state of your account or connecting to real phone numbers. In this post I’ll show… Read More

The Music of Code: Daniel Yu Builds Project SAM, Saving Lives via SMS

Daniel Yu (pictured right) wanted to be a professional composer. After years of practice, he was accepted to two of the nation’s top music conservatories–and chose not to go. Daniel decided not to study music in college at all. Instead, he started coding. Two years later, he developed a platform that’s helping save lives in developing countries via SMS. A few months ago, Daniel and his… Read More

Jumping into the Shark Tank: How VerbalizeIt Swam With the Sharks and Prepped Their App With Twilio

VerbalizeIt co-founder Kunal Sarda (pictured right) shares four keys to preparing your communications app, which he and co-founder Ryan Frankel learned from appearing on the ABC Television series “Shark Tank.” After a harrowing experience being unable to communicate in a foreign country, I wanted to help eliminate language barriers by offering instant real-time access to human translators using the power of technology. My co-founder Ryan, had… Read More