Powered Now Simplifies Construction Contracts, Wins Big at The Next Web Conference

bendyerIn the midst of a noisy, chaotic home-remodeling, Ben Dyer was inspired to found a company. I use the term “inspired” loosely. Ben really needed to found Powered Now. Contractors working on Ben’s house gave him wildly different quotes and contracts. Some were printed spreadsheets, and some were chicken scratches on a spare piece of paper. Ben decided he needed to come up with a better way for both contractors and clients to manage contacts.

Ben’s solution, Powered Now, provides an end-to-end platform for contractors to easily generate and manage invoices, quotes and certificates while on site. Just two years into their journey as a company, the app won Best Mobile App At The Next Web Conference,  and are expanding rapidly.

“Our number one goal is to arm tradesmen and women with tools to do their paperwork more easily, more quickly and more professionally. Nobody goes into business to do admin,” says Ben. Their tablet based application allows tradesmen to easily log details of their project, contracts, record of payments, and customers’ information in one simple dashboard.

Powered Now uses Twilio SMS to keep customers in touch with contractors. When there’s a new quote or update on a job site, Powered Now sends the customer an SMS notification.

With the Best Mobile App Award in hand, they’re looking to keep improving their platform. “In the future, we’re looking to incorporate voice into the App, its one of the most highly requested features from our users,” says Ben.

To learn more about Powered Now, visit their website here.

  • Really very nice and informational post thanks for share…..

    • We’re glad you enjoyed it. Let us know if you have any questions about PoweredNow or using Twilio. We’re happy to help.