SOBERLINK Improves Alcohol Monitoring and Communication with Twilio SMS

SoberLinkSOBERLINK is fighting an old old problem with new technology. They’re offering law enforcement and treatment centers a new way to stay in touch with patients, and monitor their alcohol consumption. Their alcohol monitoring tool, SL2, uses Twilio SMS to send test results to sponsors, family or friends.

We talked with Heather Fitzgerald, Marketing and Communications Manager at SOBERLINK, about how they’re using Twilio, working with law enforcement, and what’s next.

What was the inspiration for founding SOBERLINK?

The founder and first investors of the company have all been affected in one way or another by alcohol abuse. SOBERLINK was founded as a tool that would promote responsibility and accountability.

How are you using Twilio to power SL2?

We use Twilio for the automated features built into the supervising party’s cloud-based monitoring account. For example, the end-user will receive a text message reminding them to send in a scheduled sobriety test or that they have missed a test. We also use Twilio to alert the designated contacts of a non-compliant test.



Who’s using SOBERLINK?

Our main markets are criminal justice and treatment but we are also seeing the device used in workplace and family settings. We are working with some of the largest and most trusted treatment centers in the US, as well as national professional health programs and courts across the country.

How has feedback from your clients been?

The reception of SOBERLINK has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s really being seen as disruptive technology in every avenue of its use. Treatment centers can extend their reach  through aftercare while clients are more supported in the transitional bridge. Parents undergoing child custody challenges due to history of alcohol dependence can either prove sobriety to the courts or rest assured that the child is in the hands of a sober parent. Families are finding SOBERLINK to be a way to help their loved ones help themselves, while providing concrete evidence of efforts. Even in the criminal justice arena where a DUI offense may be sentenced to SOBERLINK as punitive measure, the alcohol offender views SOBERLINK as a more accurate and humane alternative to the ankle bracelet.

To learn more about SOBERLINK, visit their website here.

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    SOBERLINK – My personal experience with: A Mobile
    Alcohol Breathalyzer that is classified as a class 1 medical device In
    California. A class 1 medical device is in the same category as a bed pan you
    piss in. Class 1 medical device needs no
    human clinical trials, no scientific data, and no certification and is exempt
    from the FDA regulatory process. This
    Breathalyzer is NOT FDA approved, does NOT have 510K
    certification, and is NOT DOT approved and yet it is used in court,
    probation, by law officials, with family members and rehabs to determine ones
    breathe alcohol content. This device has reported false positives, erroneous
    information, failed to send test, failed to perform as manufacturer claimed
    etc. I’ve proven this through laboratory tests I submitted myself to, picture
    of error codes from device, various documents and emails. The device is
    defective and the report is in serious error.
    This device caused a warrant for my arrest, jail, legal fees, medical
    conditions and more. Soberlink is NOT admissible
    in a court of law! I’ve researched this device and company and have clearly
    documented all I have stated and more. The manufacturer sends out a report that
    is used by a monitoring system, probation and law officials to judge ones
    sobriety and determine the degree of consequences if any (This report is taken
    as gospel). The alcohol device has been out on the market for approximately 2
    years and is being used by people every day.
    I filed a complaint with the FDA. The FDA has research the matter and is
    in agreement with my findings and is in the process of pursuing the manufacturer
    “SOBERLINK”. User beware…

    Please contact me if you had or having similar problems with
    the Soberlink Mobile Alcohol monitoring

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    Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring device in my experience is defective. The
    Alcohol device failed to send test, software failed to recognize my face, error
    codes failed to submit test, serious errors in report etc. Which lead to legal
    issues that caused thousands of dollars to fight. Soberlink Alcohol monitoring
    is NOT FDA approved, is NOT DOT certified, does NOT have a 510(k) clearance or
    has a SE substantial equivalence. Soberlink Alcohol device should be pulled for
    the U.S. market. If you are experiencing similar issues please contact me for
    help or to discuss any issues you’re experiencing.