VOIP Apps for iOS with Twilio Client and Azure Mobile Services


Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it easy for developers to quickly set up a scalable backend for their mobile applications.  You could, of course, take advantage of this in your Windows 8 or Windows Phone applications, but Microsoft has made client SDKs available for native iOS and Android apps as well.  Now with a few clicks in the Windows Azure admin console, you can store data… Read More

Introducing the New Relic Platform: Get In-Depth Insight Into Your App Stack w/ Twilio


The modern web application stack can grow very complex. Databases, web servers, Ruby processes, AWS instances, API integrations – all of them play an important role in the experience you deliver to your users.  You need to make sure they’re all performing optimally, but that can be a challenge requiring a wide variety of tools. New Relic, an industry-leading SaaS solution for application performance monitoring, is… Read More

Rocking Queens of Stone Age with Code and Reaching Over 20,000 Fans


Rockstars, Records and Code Josh Homme has sold out stadiums, played with the who’s who of the rock music world, and produced critically acclaimed albums with his band Queens of the Stone Age. He writes music, not code but that’s where developer Lee Martin (pictured right) comes in. When Homme wanted to make an interactive experience to promote his band’s latest album …Like Clockwork, he turned… Read More

Checkfront Eliminates Booking Hassles, Helps Businesses Keep In Touch w/ Customers via Twilio SMS

Kayaking is fun. Searching for the paperwork you filled out to go on a kayak tour is not fun. Checkfront aims to automate booking processes so both companies and customers have less to worry about. The Checkfront online reservation system allows companies to log their booking and reservation information through web portal that integrates into their existing website, without any redesign work. The goal of the… Read More

Create a Twilio SMS Language Translator Using Mashape

The following is a guest post by Chris Ismael, Developer Evangelist at Mashape, a cloud API hub allowing developers to discover and distribute APIs. Learn more about Chris here. Hi, my name is Chris Ismael, Developer Evangelist from Mashape.  In this tutorial, we will build a phone service that lets you translate messages to your preferred language using SMS.  The service will also call you back… Read More

A Letter to our Customers, the DOers

The world of communications is undergoing the largest change since the invention of the telephone. What was once stagnant, expensive, and esoteric – an industry still coasting on the legacies of national monopolies around the world – is becoming a vibrant hotbed of innovation due to one main thing – the rise of Software People who are changing everything. In fact, there are two important macro-changes… Read More

NodeConf Contest Winner: SMSFoo Lets You Edit Wufoo Forms via Twilio SMS

Last week, we announced a contest to send one lucky node.js hacker to NodeConf 2013.  We had a bunch of amazing entries, but the hack that stood out as the most useful and innovative use of the API was SMSFoo, by Jed Wood (pictured right). About The Hack Wufoo is an online form builder which makes it incredibly easy to build and distribute web forms.  SMSFoo… Read More

London’s Tech Community Funds Shoreditch’s Village Hall, A Place for DOers


Here in the Twilio Europe office, right in the heart of London, we’re always hearing about cool and exciting projects happening in the local tech scene. London is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities for doers, builders, dreamers and creators that I’ve ever had the fortune to live in – and this week, we’re absolutely over the moon to be supporting a great project… Read More

DOer of the Month: Hung Truong – From Geocities to iOS Apps

DOer of the Month: Hung Truong

Developer Hung Truong started putting together basic websites when Geocities was still in style (if it ever was). Now, Hung is an iOS developer at a creative marketing company in Ann Arbor Michigan. In his free time he likes making apps (like award winning Weathergram) that help automate daily tasks from turning your lights on and off, checking in on Foursquare, and checking the weather. We… Read More