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Checkfront Eliminates Booking Hassles, Helps Businesses Keep In Touch w/ Customers via Twilio SMS


Grant Jurgeneit
Grant Jurgeneit, CEO of Checkfront

Kayaking is fun. Searching for the paperwork you filled out to go on a kayak tour is not fun. Checkfront aims to automate booking processes so both companies and customers have less to worry about.

The Checkfront online reservation system allows companies to log their booking and reservation information through web portal that integrates into their existing website, without any redesign work. The goal of the service is to get all of the customer’s key information in one place and keep it organized.

Grant Jurgeneit, CEO of Checkfront, saw how messy travel plans can get when he volunteered to book a vacation for his family and friends. He combed through emails, voicemails, and texts from his loved ones as well as hotel and car services. It was far too difficult to do something so simple. He decided to build the solution. “We wanted to build a system that was organized and could scale booking for everything from kite surfing to airport parking.”

CheckfrontSay you’re running a bike rental service. Using Checkfront, you can update bike inventory, bike tour schedules, pricing, and process payments for reservations. To keep customers in the loop, you can use Checkfront’s Twilio SMS integration to send them the details of their reservation as soon as they book a bike. You can also notify that customer right before their reservation starts via SMS

“Being able to leverage SaaS based applications has been hugely advantageous,” says Grant. In addition to their Twilio integration, Checkfront’s online booking software also integrates with platforms like MailChimp, Apple Passbook, Salesforce and Constant Contact.

Grant and his team are currently building out their API platform, allowing developers and businesses to create new tools to automate booking processes.

To learn more about Checkfront, visit their website here.

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