Introducing the New Relic Platform: Get In-Depth Insight Into Your App Stack w/ Twilio


The modern web application stack can grow very complex. Databases, web servers, Ruby processes, AWS instances, API integrations – all of them play an important role in the experience you deliver to your users.  You need to make sure they’re all performing optimally, but that can be a challenge requiring a wide variety of tools.

New Relic, an industry-leading SaaS solution for application performance monitoring, is empowering developers to meet this challenge with the New Relic Platform.  This new platform provides a seamless new way to monitor the performance of any technology in your stack through a single interface.

Team Twilio is very excited to announce that you can now monitor your voice and messaging traffic using the New Relic Platform!  New Relic is even offering a free access to Twilio blog readers, click on the link at the end of the post to take advantage of the promo.

Developers can use the Twilio plugin for New Relic to pull in near real-time usage data from the Twilio API, and integrate that data into the comprehensive monitoring tools provided by New Relic.  Now, you can monitor your voice and messaging traffic in the same way as your database reads, cache hits, or message queuing.  This integration will allow developers to gain new insights from their Twilio data, and correlate it with vital metrics from other components of their application stack.

It’s super easy to get started.  Simply log into your New Relic account, and click on the new “Plugins” tab on the left navigation.  Scroll down or search for “Twilio”, and follow the link to access simple setup instructions that will have you pulling in your Twilio data within minutes.

We can’t wait to see what new insights you gain with this powerful new tool!

Sign up for New Relic through, to get New Relic Standard edition for free– forever – a $49/host/month value!

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