London’s Tech Community Funds Shoreditch’s Village Hall, A Place for DOers


Here in the Twilio Europe office, right in the heart of London, we’re always hearing about cool and exciting projects happening in the local tech scene. London is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities for doers, builders, dreamers and creators that I’ve ever had the fortune to live in – and this week, we’re absolutely over the moon to be supporting a great project by tech-space-sourcing foundation Shoreditch Works.

Shoreditch, as this video explains, is an area of London widely known as ‘Silicon Roundabout’ thanks to the huge number of tech companies that inhabit it. There are great co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and coffee houses, but the Shoreditch Works team still felt that there was something missing.

A Place For DOers

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a ‘village hall’ for the doers? A place where people in the Shoreditch tech community are always welcome, a space to, in their own words, “help young companies get started and grow.”

That’s just what Shoreditch Works decided to do. Thanks to a kickstarter campaign, their vision of “a space where kids can come and code after school, where artists can present their work, where local meetups can take place and where our co-workers can meet and discuss their issues” is going to become a reality!

If you didn’t think that was enough, they’ll also be giving 20% of all the time slots in the new 200 seat event space contained within the building for free to community groups that are important but don’t necessarily have the cash to hire a big events space.

The Power of Community Spirit

With backing from almost 300 individuals, startups and local tech companies on their Kickstarter page, the project looks set to rock the tech scene in London and provide a space for people do create, dream, build and DO for years to come.

From everyone here at Twilio, we wish Shoreditch Works’ new Village Hall all the very best. We’ll join you for a coffee soon!