NodeConf Contest Winner: SMSFoo Lets You Edit Wufoo Forms via Twilio SMS

NodeConf JedLast week, we announced a contest to send one lucky node.js hacker to NodeConf 2013.  We had a bunch of amazing entries, but the hack that stood out as the most useful and innovative use of the API was SMSFoo, by Jed Wood (pictured right).

About The Hack

Wufoo is an online form builder which makes it incredibly easy to build and distribute web forms.  SMSFoo SMS-enables forms you’ve built in Wufoo, so you can distribute them and collect responses via SMS.  This enables you to use Wufoo forms to collect information from users without internet access, or on any mobile device.  Very cool stuff.

When you visit the prototype SMSFoo site, you can enter your Wufoo subdomain/username, and an API token, which will pull in the questions from your phone, and expose them via a Twilio SMS number.

SMSFoo is open source on GitHub, and incorporates technologies such as MongoDB, express, and stylus, in addition to the Twilio module for node.js.

About Jed

Jed has spent the past decade bridging the gap between design and programming by creating rapid prototypes and production applications. He recently served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. Now he’s back in Chicago, spending most of his time building and connecting APIs with node.js.

Follow Jed on Twitter, and keep up with his open source contributions on GitHub.
Congrats Jed!  You’re going to NodeConf!

  • Marcus Buckner

    really cool!