Billing Incident Update

At 3:28am PDT/10:28am GMT, our monitoring systems reported an anomaly in our billing systems, which resulted in erroneous credit card charges and in some cases account suspensions. This incident affected 1.1% of customer accounts. The on call team immediately began an incident response, using the Twilio status dashboard at to update customers at regular intervals. By 6:24am PDT/1:24pm GMT all suspended accounts had had service restored. The same problem briefly re-occurred at approximately 12:30pm PDT/7:30pm GMT, affecting 0.3% of customer accounts, which were immediately remedied.

At this time, the Twilio billing system is offline and account-balances are not being updated in real-time until we fully resolve the issue. We are actively processing credit card refunds, and you will see a transaction void or refund on your credit card statement shortly (most banks process these within 24-48 hours). While the billing issue is being resolved, all voice and messaging services continue to operate normally.

In addition to refunding erroneous credit card transactions, Twilio will also be crediting affected accounts an additional 10% of their last 30 days’ spend. We recognize that it’s not about the money, but our responsiveness to the situation that matters to you. If your account was affected, please consider this credit an acknowledgement of the inconvenience we’ve caused you. If affected customers incurred overdraft or over-limit fees due to this incident, we will also make them whole. We are in the process of contacting all affected customers via email.

Additionally, we will be releasing a full postmortem on the incident once all events and root causes are known, as well as detailing the corrective steps we’ll be taking.

Our focus is on providing you the best quality service and experience, and we recognize that today’s disruption came up short of what you expect from Twilio. Please accept our apologies and know it is our mission to always be earning your trust and business.

As many have you have pointed out on Twitter, this is not a fun day for our team, and especially our engineers. We appreciate your support and your patience.

Jeff Lawson
CEO & Co-founder

Feel free to email if you have any questions.

  • Lyle Pratt

    We were affected by this, but as always we received top notch support through the entire episode. Thanks for the candid update Twilio!

  • Frank Denbow

    Well handled, Jeff. All the best!

  • Douglas Johns

    What a crock of shit, you should be ashamed of yourself and your company.


    • larry

      not cool dude

    • barkerja

      Software, like the human’s that create it, is not perfect. What matters is the response and transparency when these types of issues occur, and you can’t ask for more than what Twilio has done here.

    • Rob Spectre

      I think that’s a natural reaction to an incident like this. Truth is we let you down.

      We are ashamed indeed – this was not our best work. We will make it right for you Doug. If you haven’t already, please shoot us an email at so we can get you sorted directly.

    • Kameron

      Mistakes happen and I applaud Twilio for their transparency and quick response. I agree with @barkerja:disqus that everyone, even software, isn’t perfect. You don’t get this type of communication/transparency from most companies, so you have to give Jeff and Twilio kudos.

  • commentor

    What do I think? I think that your text is barely readable. Why is the text light gray on a bright white background? Yikes.

    • John

      It could be worse. The body text could be Raleway.

      • Rob Spectre

        Good feedback. We’ll get it fixed.

  • Jeremias Kangas

    Hi, when can we except the refunding to happen?

    • Rob Spectre

      Refunding is already underway. If you haven’t seen it post to your account yet, please shoot an email to so we can confirm your refund.

  • John

    I feel quite lucky. We missed the first wave, but then got hit by the 0.3% wave. I do commend you for allowing calls to go through during this crisis. Our account balance showed 0.0007 and calls showed a cost of TBD, which prevented the balance from going below 0.

    • Rob Spectre

      Very sorry for this John.

      We’ll make it right.

  • Ken

    It would be great if suspension of accounts were human initiated. Our use of telephony is mission critical, and a suspension of service has far reaching financial and operational costs. Service interruptions owing to technical glitches with the service itself are understandable, but suspensions for payment issues can be completely under your control.

    • Rob Spectre

      Totally hear what you’re saying Ken. Can you connect with our support team at and explain the situation.

      We can likely help with a configuration setting on your account to prevent such an event.

  • Rob Lingberg

    Came across this through Hacker News and I am not a customer. However, I, like Mr. Pratt, appreciate the open reporting by the CEO. I wish more companies were like this.

  • Sam E. Lawrence

    The outage was bad, but a response like this gives me a lot of confidence in Twilio to continue to support us users moving forward. We will continue to run our company on Twilio, and we’re even building a tool next month that will deepen our integration with Twilio. Keep up support like this.

  • joeynovak

    Totally Awesome Response. You guys Rock!

  • Twilio

    Update: Billing Incident Post-Mortem: Breakdown, Analysis and Root Cause