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Cloud Elements Connects SendGrid and Twilio


Cloud Elements gives developers an simple platform to organize all the different awesome cloud services they use everyday from GitHub, to Twilio, to PayPal and SendGrid. Today, Cloud Elements announced their Messaging Hub Platform, which makes it easier for developers to connect services they already use so they can spend less time managing tools and more time building.

Their new Messaging Hub Platform integrates SendGrid’s email services with Twilio SMS so you can trigger custom email or SMS notifications, and monitor campaigns in real time.

Let’s say you’re sending critical information from your app via email. You can use the Messaging Hub platform to trigger an SMS confirmation when that user receives the email. The integration works both ways. You can get email notifications when you send SMS to users. Here are a few more cool platform features:

  • Git It – You can integrate Cloud Elements’ Ruby and Java plugins into your GitHub account and Git Init.
  • Track It – You can track tags across multiple campaigns on email and SMS to keep on top of your metrics.

  • Monitor It – Cloud Elements platform lets you trigger notifications so you can monitor both campaigns and application infrastructure.

Show Me The Code

Below is an example of how to leverage SendGrid into the Messaging Hub Platform:

You can also use the Twilio to send SMS through the Hub

And finally, here’s how you can integrate Twilio with SendGrid to get SMS notifications when your email is received:

To learn more about Cloud Elements and their platform, visit their website here.

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