Draco Li Builds Triggio To Automate Alerts and Increase Productivity


Draco Li, an engineer at Loose Button, was tired of checking sales numbers every five minutes so he decided to build Triggio, an alert notification system. Loose Button is a Canadian beauty subscription program that allows members to sample and purchase beauty products from their homes. After joining the company in October 2012, Draco, a self taught programmer, started working on “secret projects” to help with workplace productivity like Triggio.

“The basic idea behind Triggio is that any event can be sent to Triggio through a very simple API and events will trigger a sound so that people will be notified without losing focus on what they are doing,” says Draco.

Loose Button uses Triggio for sales data updates, but the application can be used in other ways too. For example, you can set alerts for Github activity, or when you receive a payment via Stripe. This allows you to stay up to date on business, without losing track of the task at hand.


The notification service works both ways. You can use Twilio SMS to trigger notifications with Trigio. To alert the entire office, you can send a text to your Triggio phone number creating a notification. For a Loose Button employee to make an office-wide announcement and to learn about real time sales data, it is now as easy as sending a text.

To learn more about Triggio and Draco’s other projects, take a look at his website.