How To Draw An Owl: Painting A Mural In Minutes

Draw The Owl

Twilio Draw The OwlWhat’s an office without its owl?

We wanted to make our new office feel like home while honoring one of our core values – Draw the Owl. That means when there’s no road map and no directions, you go forward. Build that app, push that code, and make something new and awesome.

Our customers do this everyday, and we strive to do the same. To remind ourselves of this value we had Eric Aguilar paint a gigantic Twilio Owl on our walls.

The video condenses roughly 16 hours of work into just under two minutes.

How do you draw the owl? Let us know at and check out our job postings to join our team. We’re hiring!

  • fred trotter

    Hey, I think your video is broken…

    • philnash

      Hey Fred, thanks for the note, you’re absolutely right! If you want to see the video it’s right here:

      I’ll see if I can get that embed fixed too.