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Announcing Twilio Two Factor Authentication In The Account Portal


Security is essential when scaling your business. As you expand your user base, hire, and ship, you become responsible for more and more sensitive information. To keep that information safe, you need the right security tools. Today, we are happy to announce the addition of Two-Factor Authentication as an option when logging into your Twilio account.

Here’s how it works. Once you enable Two-Factor Authentication in your account, you’ll enter in your Twilio login details- username and password. Then you’ll be prompted to enter in a verification code you receive via Twilio SMS to gain access to your account.

Let’s say a would-be attacker compromised your password, hoping to gain access to your account. They wouldn’t be able to access any of your data without the verification code. The addition of Two Factor Authentication keeps your information safe by adding another layer of security.

If you have even stricter security requirements, you can enable Two-Factor Authentication for each login. Others may choose to enforce it only once per computer.

Getting Started

To enable TFA, log into your Twilio Account and visit your Account Setting page.

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