TwilioCon 2013 Announces 5 New Speakers From Coca-Cola, Lyft, OpenTable, Wix and SmartThings


TwilioCon is the conference for software people – the developers, decision makers and entrepreneurs who are building the future of communication technologies.

Last week, we announced the first five TwilioCon speakers. Today, we’re happy to announce five more speakers with expertise in industries ranging from transportation, to website management, to hospitality.

Join us at this year’s TwilioCon, September 17th-19th to learn what the Twilio community is building, the technology behind it, and how to expand your business with the power of communications.

Meet The Speakers

Carl Kennedy TwilioConCarl Kennedy is Associate Director of IT Development at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), working with API’s and Information Transparency. Carl has 20 years of experience in IT development at Fortune 500 companies and led CCE’s API launch for Smart Coolers as well as the 2012 London Olympics.
Sebastian Brannstrom TwilioConSebastian Brannstrom is the lead engineer at ridesharing service, Lyft. He’s one of those lucky few who was in the room, holding a sharpie and drawing on a whiteboard when Lyft was dreamt up. Sebastian has worked with nearly every mobile platform out there, and helps Lyft bring friendly drivers to your doorstep (look for the car with the pink mustache).

Jeff Hagins TwilioConJeff Hagins is CTO of SmartThings and a die-hard believer in expanding the cloud and unlocking the internet of things. Jeff works to make your everyday object smarter, and controllable via the cloud. After starting his career at JD Edwards, Jeff worked at Lockheed before moving to SmartThings.
Jamison Moore TwilioConJamison Moore is Director of US Sales and Support at Wix, which allows anyone and everyone to build their own website easily, even without coding experience. Jamison previously worked for Sphera Corporation leading their sales team. He has held various leadership, engineering and product management roles and founded his own business.

David Arthurs TwilioConDavid Arthurs helped found restaurant reservations and CRM company GuestBridge in 2001. In 2009 GuestBridge was acquired by OpenTable where he continues to innovate and expand the boundaries of restaurant management.

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