Part Three: Verify Phone Numbers With Node.js Using Twilio SMS, Express and

Every problem you solve as a web application developer requires a very particular set of tools. Tools that have been acquired over a very long career. Node.js is one of the latest frameworks to become a popular addition to the modern web stack. It allows you to easily build lightweight, event-driven applications that can handle a large amount of concurrent I/O. We have already helped you… Read More

Votr Part 4: AngularJS and Authentication with CouchDB

This is the fourth part in a series of blog posts about building a real-time SMS and voice voting application using Node.js. In part one, we created the Node.js application and captured incoming votes over SMS and stored them in a CouchDB. In part two, we created a real-time visualization of the voting using and Highcharts. In part three, we tweaked our app to scale… Read More

Announcing TwilioCon Keynote Speakers Jeff Pulver and Mitch Kapor

From defending digital rights to unlocking new avenues of communication, Jeff Pulver and Mitch Kapor changed the way we communicate today. Throughout their careers founding companies and building software solutions, Jeff and Mitch have focused on how we can use technology for social good. We’re incredibly excited to announce Jeff Pulver and Mitch Kapor as TwilioCon keynote speakers. Mitch Kapor is a software developer, founder, and… Read More

DialDrive: A Complete Phone Platform for Web and Mobile Marketing, Powered by Twilio

Datalot’s focus is to help you execute the best customer acquisition strategy possible on both web and mobile platforms. And now you can easily set up a Twilio-powered call center or voicecamp with DialDrive, an end-to-end phone platform. From lead generation to deploying an entire cloud-based call center, DialDrive has you covered – and might have some of the sexiest dashboards we’ve seen yet. DialDrive has… Read More

Meet The Startups Featured at TwilioCon’s Startup Showcase

At this year’s TwilioCon, we’re featuring 14 startups expanding the future of communication by using Twilio in new and exciting ways. These startups from all over the globe will exhibit, and demo their apps as part of  the TwilioCon Startup Showcase September 18th-19th. Here are the startups attending this year’s Startup Showcase. Register to attend TwilioCon here.   Ink gives developers an easy way to store,… Read More

Part 2: Using Twilio SMS with Sinatra for Ruby and Datamapper To Build A Phone Verification System

About a year ago, we published an update to our phone verification tutorial to teach you how to keep your users safe and prevent fraud when building applications in PHP. Now you can learn how to employ the same security and anti-spam techniques in Ruby using the elegant Sinatra framework. (update: we also have a tutorial on how to build SMS phone verification into your Rails app)…. Read More

TwilioCon After Party with Nerd Rocker Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton TwilioCon

After TwilioCon, it’s time to dive into Jonathan Coulton’s world of eloquent zombies, Ikea mythology, and coding. Coulton, a fantastic folk/rock songwriter (and former software programmer), will play the TwilioCon after party September 19th at the Concourse Exhibition Center. The after party is open to all conference attendees, grab your tickets here. From Sir Mix-a-lot covers to tales of a code monkey’s woe, Jonathan’s songs are… Read More

Get On The Bus To Win a Free Pass to TwilioCon and BoxWorks Developer Day In SF

The deadline for applications is September 5th, 5pm PST. Apply here. Get on the bus and get into two awesome conferences. We’re teaming up with Box to bring 50 developers from Las Vegas and LA to San Francisco for TwilioCon and BoxWorks Developer Day. We’ll take care of your travel to and from LV/LA and cover both conference passes. The only thing you need to handle… Read More