DialDrive: A Complete Phone Platform for Web and Mobile Marketing, Powered by Twilio


datalot-chromebook-autoDatalot’s focus is to help you execute the best customer acquisition strategy possible on both web and mobile platforms. And now you can easily set up a Twilio-powered call center or voicecamp with DialDrive, an end-to-end phone platform. From lead generation to deploying an entire cloud-based call center, DialDrive has you covered – and might have some of the sexiest dashboards we’ve seen yet.

DialDrive has an insane amount of features, but here’s a few cool examples of things you can do within this platform:

  • Buy targeted live call transfers on-demand
  • Manage complex inbound call campaigns
  • Build your own pay-per-call network
  • Deploy a complete cloud-based call center infrastructure
  • Analyze detailed metrics of phone agent performance

datalot-app-livecalls-autoDialDrive is built with Twilio Client and incorporates WebRTC, a set of open-source communications protocols for using a browser to exchange audio, video and data streams. In a call center environment, WebRTC leads to improved voice quality and a better user experience than Flash. All the hardware and software can be managed remotely, eliminating any burden on IT.

“There’s no reason why a company can’t use DialDrive as it’s primary phone system,
but it’s ideal for companies that acquire customers through a combination of web
and mobile advertising and traditional phone-based salesmanship. “Twilio made it
possible for us to build a contact center that is perfectly optimized for web and mobile
marketing,” said Josh Reznick, CEO and Founder, Datalot.

Read our first interview with Josh here on the blog, and check out this webinar, “Beyond PPC: 8 ways to increase conversions with call tracking.”

Learn more about DialDrive and Datalot’s other products on their website.