TwilioCon After Party with Nerd Rocker Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton TwilioCon

After TwilioCon, it’s time to dive into Jonathan Coulton’s world of eloquent zombies, Ikea mythology, and coding. Coulton, a fantastic folk/rock songwriter (and former software programmer), will play the TwilioCon after party September 19th at the Concourse Exhibition Center. The after party is open to all conference attendees, grab your tickets here.

From Sir Mix-a-lot covers to tales of a code monkey’s woe, Jonathan’s songs are both catchy and thoughtful. Best of all, they’re free. Coulton releases his songs under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license so his fans and followers can make their own music videos and remixes. Have a listen here and check out a few of Coulton’s hits below.