Announcing TwilioCon Keynote Speakers Jeff Pulver and Mitch Kapor


From defending digital rights to unlocking new avenues of communication, Jeff Pulver and Mitch Kapor changed the way we communicate today. Throughout their careers founding companies and building software solutions, Jeff and Mitch have focused on how we can use technology for social good.

We’re incredibly excited to announce Jeff Pulver and Mitch Kapor as TwilioCon keynote speakers.

Mitch KaporMitch Kapor is a software developer, founder, and internet freedom fighter. Since building the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet (the first “killer app”) in 1982, Kapor has worked to leverage technology for social good. In 1990, he founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation, dedicated to defending and preserving free speech, privacy and consumer rights on the internet. Kapor is now the Co-Chair of the Kapor Center for Social Impact in Oakland. He works to help underrepresented communities bridge economic and educational gaps using technology.


JeffPulverJeff Pulver is an entrepreneur and pioneer in VoIP technology. Pulver started his career building software to compliment Mitch Kapor’s Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet and then transitioned into the world of communications. Pulver built CellSocket in 2003 to allow cell phone users to make cellular calls via a standard phone. He then founded VOiP network, Vonage, giving millions of its users a new, easier way to communicate. Jeff curates the 140 Characters Conference, exploring the power of communication technology.

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