A Billion Messages for Good: Twilio.org Launches for Nonprofits

twilio.org-color-logo-web (1)This past year we watched some incredible companies launch truly powerful products, from fighting human trafficking to reinvigorating a city through art. These products were amplified through communications, and we believe nonprofits should have access to communications technologies to make a greater impact. Today we’re excited to announce our initiative, A Billion Messages for Good, providing nonprofits with donated and discounted Twilio services.

Using technology to create and accelerate change is core to who we are at Twilio, and we believe there can be greater social good with better communications. For qualified nonprofits, Twilio.org will provide an initial donation of Twilio credits, followed by an extended discount on messages and minutes. Our mission is to enable nonprofits to reach their goals, and together send a billion messages for good.

Get Started with Messages for Good

All qualified nonprofit organizations anywhere in the world are eligible for Twilio.org’s discounted service which includes:

  • A Twilio kickstart bundle of $500 in credits
  • An extended discount of 25% off Twilio messaging and minutes

There are a handful of trends we’ve picked up on within the social good space where communications is playing a key role. In the coming year we hope to focus Twilio.org in these areas:

  • Civic Engagement – Organizations targeting communities at a local, national, or international level, inspiring change through engagement and communications.
  • The Arts – Organizations focused on changing the future of human interaction, making art accessible and engaging, and promoting vitality in the community via art.
  • Developing Regions – Organizations utilizing communications technologies to address the needs of  emerging economies Including issues of health, civic engagement, and communications enablement.
  • STEM Education – Organizations focused on strengthening STEM-related programs for educators and students, and closing the gap for underserved communities.If you are a nonprofit in this area, and you’re using communications for more reach, send us a note at team@twilio.org.
SEE Potential Project in Chicago
SEE Potential Project in Chicago

To learn more about qualifications and eligibility, visit Twilio.org.

Mobilizing Efforts for More Impact

We realized if we coordinated efforts, it would make a much greater impact. We established Twilio.org to harness the power of our platform and our team to make a real difference. As this organization grows we will continue to expand how we provide support locally and internationally to groups who need it.

Together we can send a billion messages for good.

  • Anthony

    Curious how this works out. Will you have any restrictions on the kind of non-profits that can sign up? There certainly are some evil ones that aren’t very pro-social. Without a filter on the type of work the non-profits do, this could in theory do more harm then good, if that is the intention. Otherwise, perhaps it’s just a marketing campaign to bring in money from any non-profit willing to pay, regardless of it’s mission? For example, offering a discount to a non-profit group that is anti gay marriage does nothing for society.

    • Hi Anthony –

      Thanks for your feedback. We did think through this piece of the program and we do have an internal review process. While qualified nonprofits are eligible, we also require they follow Twilio Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy: https://www.twilio.com/legal/aup

      This program isn’t a marketing campaign for us, it’s something the entire Twilio Team feels passionate about, so we hope we can grow it to continue supporting those doing good in the world. We will be working hard to make sure folks involved in the program are the right ones.