TwilioCon Hacker Olympics: The Games Are Just Days Away

Hacker Olympics TwilioCon

Hello Hackthletes!

Hacker Olympics is just days away, and we are incredibly excited to see you all there.

The challenges are being kept top secret right up until Hacker Olympics kicks off on Wednesday, September 19th at 5pm. We’ll release the full list of challenges and rules once we relay the proverbial torch and start the event.

We have some pretty awesome surprises in store. If you haven’t registered, or want to bring a friend to join you in a night of awesome challenges, register here. You’ll get 25% off your conference pass price when you use the code: Hack25. When you register, make sure to indicate you’ll be attending the Hacker Olympics.

Hacker Olympics Schedule

  • 5:30 – 6:30pm: Eat, form teams, challenges released
  • 6:30 – 10:00pm: Hack, play, compete
  • 10:00 – 10:30pm: Hacker Olympics Awards Ceremony
  • Location: The Hacker Olympics will be held at TwilioCon, at the Concourse Exhibition Center
  • What to Bring: Laptop, Lightsaber, Will to Win

Important Details

  • You should be at the doors by 5:30 PM. Over 1,000 TwilioCon attendees have expressed interest in the Hacker Olympics, but only 480 of you will be able to participate in the event. Only the first 480 people in the door will be able to compete… and trust us, you want to compete! (ridiculously fun challenges, pandas, prizes, etc.)

  • We will publish a list of challenges 15 minutes before TwilioCon Hacker Olympics begins. Other than the Required Challenges, which you must complete, you may choose to complete as many or as few challenges as you wish.

  • At the event, you will be asked to form teams of 6 people. Think about how you will seek out other rad Olympians and be ready as a team when the starting bell rings.