TwilioCon 2013: Announcing Picture Messaging, Price Drop, Business Critical Apps and More

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Today kicks off the third annual TwilioCon, a gathering of the people who are redefining human interaction in every area of business, social good and general hackitude. Our CEO Jeff Lawson took the stage this morning, looking forward to APIs as the new dial tone, with the Software People as the innovators driving the change. You are building the future of your industries, and we’re building the products you need to reach more geographies around the world, and expand your success. We’re so excited to announce a flurry of new products to power your business including Picture Messaging, Twilio SIP, new developer tools to help you build and maintain business critical apps, and drop in price.

Twilio Picture Messaging: When Words Are Not Enough

twilio_product_mms-icon_02-picsCombine the power of an image with the reach of sending a text. Introducing Picture Messaging for Twilio Short Codes to send and receive pictures over the MMS protocol. Build trust with your customers through visual interaction, simplify the complex with a picture, or drive action with visual cues. Picture Messaging is now available today on US short codes and Canadian long codes at $0.02 outbound and $0.01 inbound. Using a short code requires an 8-week application process and fee. We aim to open this up to long codes in the US as soon as we can, sign up for the beta and learn more.

Text Messaging: More Value for You and Your Users

twilio_product_mms-icon_03-centWe aim to provide you with the best quality service at the best price possible, and when the opportunity for more value presents itself we want to pass those benefits to you. Starting today all inbound and outbound text messages from US Twilio numbers will be 25% lower – $.0075 inbound and outbound. In addition to lower pricing, no more will your messages be limited to 160 characters or split into multiple messages – rolling out today is concatenated messaging which increases the character count to 1600. More value in your text messaging, more value for your business.  Read more about pricing.

Business Critical Apps: Build and Deploy with Confidence

twilio_product_mms-icon_01-gearsThe ability for developers and companies to quickly address issues and detect errors when building a product is essential. – you can’t manage what you can’t see. You should have the tools to build business critical apps with Twilio. Today in your account portal you will find five brand new developer tools from diagnostics to security, to help you build and deploy with confidence on Twilio.


  • The Request Inspector gives developers visibility into the HTTP requests and their responses during every phone call enabling them to identify failed and slow responses as well as showing the exact TwiML that Twilio executes.
  • The App Monitor gives developers a consolidated real time view of all errors aggregated by error type that enables them to identify the most critical error, helping them focus on what’s most important. It also gives them the ability to drill down to identify the root cause and a time series of the error to put in context.
  • Usage Triggers gives developers and sysadmins the ability to create email alerts or webhooks on daily, monthly or yearly thresholds of calls, messages or total spend. Making it easy to detect anomalous usage patterns.
  • Error Triggers gives developers and sysadmins the ability to create email alerts or webhooks on daily, monthly or yearly thresholds of errors and warning. Making it easy to detect errors before their customers.
  • Data Compliance Account and Security Settings including Limited Logging for the ability to switch the Request Inspector on/off, and enforced HTTP authentication on media URLs


Twilio SIP: From The Closet To The Cloud

icon-sipphone copyIn March we launched <Sip>, a way to receive inbound SIP calls with Twilio, and today we’re introducing the ability to also make outbound calls. Now Twilio SIP allows companies to architect for the future with an agile communications environment, and plug their current infrastructure into the cloud. Learn more about using your existing hardware, extending your communications capabilities and more with SIP here.

TwilioCon is just getting started, stay tuned on the blog for more announcements and keep in the know via #TwilioCon on Twitter.

  • Chase Christian

    I would love to sign up for the MMS beta, but the link ( doesn’t appear to go anywhere yet!

    • kimoby

      Same thing here! And does the 1600 characters limit apply to Canadian long code ?

      • Hey guys! We updated the link. You can go to to sign up. The 1,600 character limit does apply to all long codes. Let us know if you have any more questions.

    • Hey Chase, the link is updated here:

      • Jameson

        Maybe I’m a little slow, but I can’t find a link to sign up for the beta anywhere on that page. When I click “Get Started” it just takes me to my standard account page with no sign of “Beta” anywhere. A little help?

  • Christian Pekeler

    Will a 161 characters long sms message cost $0.0075 or $0.015?

    • Christina – still $0.0075

      • Christian Pekeler

        Sweet :)

        • Christian – apologies spoke too soon it will be $0.0075 per 160 characters

          • Christian Pekeler


  • Jesse Harris

    Concatenated SMS messages!! This just made my day

  • Christian Pekeler

    The 25% price reduction does not apply to international SMS? I just checked pricing to Germany which is still $0.07.

    • Hi Christian – at this time the pricing reduction is for US Twilio numbers but we’re working hard to keep bringing the price down everywhere for our developers.

  • Peter Tellep

    When will the 1600 limit start working? So far, it’s still rejecting messages over 160.

  • Derek Woo

    I’m having issues with message concatenation. I was really excited about this but it just isn’t working and I’m receiving an exception stating my message exceeds the 160 character limit.

    I’m still on a trial account using C# and the official Twilio API library. I’ve updated the library via NuGet.

    Any ideas?

    • Hey Derek!

      Are you using the new /Messages resource? You can use it with client.SendMessage() instead of client.SendSmsMessage().

      Can you give that a try?

      • Derek Woo

        I made the change from SendSmsMessage to SendMessage and I was able to get an SMS message through this time. However, it was still truncated and I only received the first message of my long SMS message. The message I’m trying is 252 characters in length.

        I also end up sending a blank string array as the medialurls parameter since I don’t need any POST back to anywhere.

        If this is any help, the message Sid is SMdd27380bd6984a51a4ea7608bbd26766

    • Derek – just deleted your comment to keep your account SID off the internets. See you have a ticket open with our Support team – they will respond shortly to get you up and running with concat sms!

  • Archie Cobbs

    Message concatenation is not working yet for me either, nor is the new MediaUrl parameter for MMS working yet.

    • Hi Archie – make sure to update to the new /Messaging resource:

      Let us know if that doesn’t work.

      • Archie Cobbs

        Thanks, that worked for message concatenation. However, when I add MediaUrl parameter I get back 404 “The requested resource was not found”. Example that fails (url-encoded body content): From=+19999999999&To=+19999999999&Body=test&
        Thanks for help.

  • Sean Sammut

    are these features already available?

    Mostly: disable logging and concatenation of messages

  • Ralf

    What about sending out text messages not only to one single number but to lets say 100 with one click?

  • Marc

    Has anyone successfully sent an mms from the demo page? It is failing for everyone on our Canadian team.

    • Hi Marc – we are investigating this now, could you actually send the numbers you are testing with to It would help us troubleshoot. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Adrian

    Just to clarify, is this for incoming texts too, i.e. incoming texts longer than 160 characters will now result in one REST call rather than several containing fractions of the incoming message? And for UK numbers too?

    • For outgoing messages, concatenated messages are supported when sending messages to phone numbers in United States. You may also send messages over 160 characters to international phone numbers, but very likely they will appear as multiple messages on the destination handset.

      For incoming messages that are greater than 160 characters, the sending carrier will break up the message behind the scenes before delivering them to us, so Twilio will treat them as separate incoming messages and deliver them to your application in the order we receive them.

      Read more here:

  • Wonder

    seems like the pic mms is for only us and Canada.or does it apply to internationals too?

    • Currently Picture Messaging is available for US short codes and Canadian long codes. If you’d like to be added to beta, just send me your name and email – murphy [at] twilio [dot] com

      • Ronan Walsh

        Is Picture Messaging available in the UK yet? And if so, is it possible to receive MMS with shortcodes?

        • Hey Ronan,
          Picture Messaging is not available in the UK yet. Currently, Picture Messaging is available on Canadian Long Codes and US Short Codes. We’re working UK availability + longcodes and we will update you as soon as it’s ready.

  • Ed Hopkins

    According to sales just a few hours ago MMS is indeed NOT available for US Short Codes and yet all over the site it says it does. What’s the deal twilio?

    • Hi Ed – it is available, you do have to add it as a functionality to existing short codes which our team can help you do. More details here :

      If you’d like to purchase a short code you can get started on this page:

      • Ed Hopkins

        Thanks, I think some of your staff is misinformed or unaware of the changes you guys have recently done. Clear answer is what i got now ;)

        One more question if you dont mind adding the MMS to US short codes requires an approval period or is it instant?

        • I”ll be sure to follow up with the team to make sure everyone is up to date. The provisioning, or short code update to picture messaging is the same process as a new short code, which means it takes between 8-12 weeks for carrier approval.

          Our team works closely with carriers and you through this process, if you have other questions feel free to connect directly with me –