TwilioCon Day 2 Recap: Messages For Good and The Rise Of Software People

7078_TwilioCon Day 2_BC_0003

Jeff Lawson, Ethan Kurzweil and Josh Stein closed the final day of TwilioCon pointing to the rise of Software People. “There’s a developer renaissance going on and it’s happening now,” said Ethan Kurzweil. They’re building new models of “rolling software” at Tesla. They’re experimenting with interstellar communication. They’re building aggressively and scaling fast.

“There are no barriers on the internet. If you’re not serving your customers well, they go somewhere else. The internet has no barrier to customer service. It’s so important and that’s extremely powerful,” said Josh Stein.

We are amazed by what you’re building on Twilio everyday. We can’t wait to see what you build with new tools, what you create as new Twilio partners, and what you change with a billion messages for good.

Below are photos from the final day of TwilioCon. Stay tuned to the Twilio blog for TwilioCon wrap ups and we will see you next year!