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#TwilioCon Workshop Day: Developers Set Off On An 8-Bit Twilio Quest


TwilioQuestTwilioCon Workshop Day kicked off this morning, sending DOers on an epic adventure to solve programming challenges, earn loot and bring glory to their guild. Developers set off on the Twilio Quest, an 8-bit video-game style tutorial that teaches coders of any skill level to build apps with Twilio. Challenges ranged from making new Twilio integrations to your production app, to tracking phone number conversations with HTTP cookies.

Hackers split up into guilds based on their preferred programming language from the Ruby Guild, to Python, PHP, Javascript, Java, and .NET. By completing increasingly in-depth challenges, guilds earned themselves loot and experience points, while their avatars earned awesome shields and swords.

Below are are few pictures from today. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow for day one of TwilioCon featuring Jeff Lawson’s opening keynote, a ton of talks, panels and DOers to meet. See the schedule and register here.


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