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Preparing For Dreamforce’s Million Dollar Hackathon: Updated Twilio SFDC Libraries


One million dollars. You can almost hear Dr. Evil saying it. But it’s not 1997, and this isn’t a spy comedy. Salesforce is really offering up one million dollars to the hacker, or team of hackers who come up with the best Salesforce integration hack at Dreamforce next week. Reserve your spot in the hackathon here.

There’s only one rule for Dreamforce hackers: you have to use the Salesforce Platform in your app. We want to make sure you have all the tools you might need to build a million dollar app at your fingertips. We’ve updated our Twilio SFDC Library to support the latest Twilio products, making it easier for you to build voice and messaging into your Salesforce and apps.

Get Started With Twilio and SFDC

How To Get Started Fast

For some hacking inspiration, check out a few Salesforce tutorials from the community.

To see the full list of SFDC updates check out our Github page here
To get up and running fast, browse through our How-To tutorials.

Best of luck to everyone building at Dreamforce! Find out where we’ll be at Dreamforce by staying tuned to Twilio on Twitter

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