Make Your CRM Communicate: How To Build In-Browser Calling With Twilio and Salesforce

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When you’re chasing leads, calling customers and managing demos, every minute counts. So how can you make the most of your Salesforce CRM? By making it a phone.

Sales Engineer Charles Oppenheimer shows you how to make and receive calls directly from the browser, while using Salesforce’s Service Cloud Console to pull up key customer information and data.

Using Twilio Client, WebRTC and Twilio’s newly updated SFDC library, Charles walks you through building Twilio powered screen pops within Salesforce, breaking it down into three parts:

  1. Receiving a customer call in Salesforce’s Service Cloud Console
  2. Launching Twilio-powered Screen Pops
  3. Calling back the customer in-browser using Twilio Client.

Charles will cover how Twilio and Salesforce integrations can help your support and sales teams time in his Dreamforce talk “Open CTI on with Twilio” Wednesday, November 20th, at 5:30pm in the DevZone.

Coca-Cola Enterprises Streamlines Service With Twilio and Salesforce

Carl Kennedy, Associate Director of IT Development at Coca-Cola Enterprises knows the first things that come to mind when you think of Coke: polar bears sharing a bottle of Coke and other famous super bowl ads. But, beneath the advertising there’s a whole world of service technicians, vendors and call center employees working to keep Coke customers happy, and their vending machines stocked.

CocaCola Enterprises integrated Twilio SMS with Salesforce to better manage their workforce and cut down service maintenance response time for customers. Carl runs through how he worked with Twilio and Salesforce to build a better customer experience.

Find Team Twilio at Dreamforce. We’ll be on the Expo Floor at Booth N2110 and in the DevZone. Look for us in the red track jackets.

  • Edgar Yucel Moran

    I’m starting to work with Twilio API integrated with Salesforce and I would like to know about Open CTI XML definition file as how can I use it to set properties in salesforce and in general how this file works between Salesforce and Twilio. Maybe someone has a basic documentation or some basic explanation. Thanks in advance.

  • Charles Oppenheimer

    Hi Edgar – Indeed there is some documentation and source code, and a video, here of an OpenCTI adapter:

    Let me know if you have questions on that, either on GitHub, here, twitter etc.

  • Richard Rosen

    Awesome demo. FastCall is a Twilio partner and Salesforce ISV. Our SFDC-native app easily logs and scores calls from an easy-to-use, lightweight widget. Add Twilio to record calls, drop voicemail messages, control caller ID and more.