Visualizing Your Customer’s Voice: Rumbler Wins Big At Rails Rumble


Rumbler ImranImran, Fahm and Shahriar had to live up to their team’s name. With 48 hours to build an app at Rumble on the Rails, “The Guild of Calamitous Intent” went to work fast. The gang of three wanted to find a way streamline customer feedback, but not in the traditional way. Imran (pictured right), Fahm, and Shahriar built their their app to do more than just collect information. Together the “guild” shipped Rumbler, an app that  tracks your both what your customer said and how they felt about the call.

Rumbler uses Twilio to record and transcribe customer calls via Twilio Voice. It then analyzes the Twilio transcription of the call, pulls out the keywords from the call, and measures the sentiment. For their efforts, the Guild of Calamitous Intent won the Rails Rumble‘ Grand Prize.

We talked to the team of three about their background, their Venture Bros inspired name and building the app in just 48 hours.

How’d you get such an awesome name for your team, “The Guild of Calamitous Intent”?

I wish I could come up with a name that creative but it’s from a cartoon called ‘The Venture Bros’. The Guild of Calamitous Intent is a organized labor group by led by David Bowie. They consist of super villains whom share common interests such as wrecking havoc and causing mass destruction.

How did you get the idea for Rumbler and ship it within 48 hours?

We wanted to not only build a cool looking application but also one that provided actual value. At my very first startup, I remembered the CEO taking an interest in the feedback received from calls to the customer care center. He was taking a proactive approach of listening directly to what his customers were saying and making strategic business decisions based on what he was hearing. That got me thinking of ways that businesses could consolidate feedback in a useable manner. When I saw Twilio offered a complete voicemail service, I thought this was the platform I could use to bring my idea to life. We wanted to give businesses the ability to visualize trends and identify areas of improvement. When I mentioned my idea to Shahriar he was very excited since he has experience in the Business Intelligence domain. He immediately started throwing out really cool ideas like performing sentiment analyses and keyword drill-downs.

Execution was hectic but we did a good job on prioritizing what we wanted to go into our MVP. We immediately decided to focus on our core feature and forgo anything that was a lower priority such as user accounts, a login form and detailed a landing page. Working from our dashboard outwards, we quickly got the Twilio  integration and sentiment analysis in place, threw it in a wireframe and passed it over to Fahm to make a beautiful UI. He did an amazingly creative job of displaying incoming calls as a timeline and displaying the metrics of our analyses.


What was the build process with Twilio like?

I had never used Twilio before so I spent some time going through Twilio’s ‘Hello Monkey’ tutorial to make sure I understood the API. Come rumble day, I threw in the twilio-ruby gem, set up the appropriate callbacks and that was it. It was a breeze.

What type of feedback have you gotten since you were announced as the winner?

We have gotten a lot of support and encouragement. A lot of people are interested in seeing our final product once we launch.

Any future plans for Rumbler or anything you’d like to add?

We plan to release Rumbler beta in a few weeks. We have already begun cleaning up the technical debt and taken steps to market Rumbler. You can sign up for our beta release at and follow us on twitter.

Thanks Twilio for having a great API and thanks to the organizers of Rails Rumble!

Learn more about Rumbler and visualizing your customer’s voice here