Homejoy Brings Happy Homes To All With Twilio

A year and a half ago, Homejoy was just a brother and sister team of two trying to figure out a way to bring affordable, friendly cleaning to everyone. Today, Homejoy has over 100 employees, they’re in 31 markets and  working with thousands of cleaners and customers. Fresh off raising $38 million in Series A & B funding, CEO Adora Cheung says that Homejoy’s mission simple:… Read More

The War On Robocalling: How Aaron Foss Fought Robocalls and Won

Right after Aaron Foss launched his anti-robocalling service, Nomorobo, all hell broke loose — in the best way he could imagine. The launch was a slow build, starting in February and exploding in September. “It just snowballed,” Aaron says. Nomorobo started as a simple hack Aaron submitted to the FTC’s anti-robocalling challenge in April. After winning the challenge, he was interviewed on countless networks and even… Read More

Apply for Twilio Heroes: Soft Skills Developers Need to Succeed

At Twilio, our mission is to enable developers to change the world of communications forever. Software developers are the force behind building the future of communications and we aim to provide you with the proper tools to change the world. One of the benefits of the role of a developer evangelist is the resources you gain from being a part of a community, both on and… Read More

SmartNotify Simplifies Communication (And Keeps Students Out Of The Cold) with Twilio

Twilio started as “just work” for Gregory Menvielle (pictured right). In 2011, he was an independent developer building communications solutions for clients. Eventually, his freelance hacks grew into Twilio-powered side projects. Those side-projects became business plans and finally, in 2013, he founded his own company – SmartNotify. SmartNotify helps businesses manage their inbound and outbound communication, to reach their audience effectively and immediately.  The app acts as… Read More

Five Common Twilio StackOverflow Questions in Node.js, Ruby and PHP.

Hi folks. A few weeks ago I came across a question on StackOverflow about the Twilio verb <Gather> that I thought was really interesting. It reminded me of why I love StackOverflow and it gave me an idea. The idea was to identify common Twilio questions on StackOverflow and use them as a jumping off point to discuss some cool utilities available in the Twilio API…. Read More

Lose The Keys, Grab The Phone: SmarterKey Unlocks Doors Via Twilio SMS

SmarterKey Hub

Let’s say you’re on vacation, renting a house in Italy with some friends. You go to pick up the keys to your house but, instead of getting keys, you get a phone number and a code. These are your new keys. This is the new way SmarterKey is changing property rental. Co-founder David Moss (pictured right) says most people renting out their apartment, house or room on… Read More

Twilio.org Welcomes New Advisor Board Members

Today we’re very excited to introduce the Twilio.org advisor board and welcome four new members who will help to shape the future of our Billion Messages for Good program. These leaders in the tech and nonprofit world have already provided incredible guidance to our program and we’re looking forward to working together more closely. Learn more about how nonprofits can access support and discounted Twilio services… Read More

Ringing In Festivus: You Light Up Our Festivus Tree, We’ll Donate to The SF Food Bank

Festivus, The Holiday For The Rest Of Us (To Give Back) Via SMS This holiday season, we’re ringing in Festivus by offering you a way to give back to the San Francisco Food Bank via Dropcam and Twilio SMS. We’ve set up the ceremonial Festivus aluminum pole at Twilio HQ, donned with holiday lights you can control via SMS. To make our Festivus pole come to… Read More