Introducing The Twilio Heroes: Meet The Barn Owls


Back in December, we put out a call to find the first class of Twilio Heroes. We were blown away by the quantity and quality of applications from DOers looking to empower their community with development tools, and improve their own software skills. Picking this class wasn’t easy, but we are incredibly excited to announce the 12 devs who will make up this Twilio Heroes class,… Read More

Discover The Full Power Of Twilio With New API Explorer Updates

Everything built here at Twilio aims to provide the best tools for developers to get the job done. From Helper Libraries to the API Explorer, these tools help you build powerful communications apps that are quick and easy to test and deploy. Now the API Explorer is even more robust with the ability to make API requests directly in your browser. Visit the API Explorer under… Read More

How To Record Your Podcast Interviews With Twilio

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 12.24.42 PM

A few years ago, podcasting required a ton of hardware. Now, anyone with a laptop, a cell phone, and a person to interview, can get a podcast up and running in minutes. In this tutorial, I’ll show you can use Twilio to record and stream your podcast interviews easily. Getting A Good Interview Some of my favorite podcasts feature live call-in segments or interviews. But, when… Read More

How Dan Fowlie Shipped His Marriage Proposal Using Zach Braff, Twilio and Salesforce


So how do you integrate Zach Braff, Salesforce and Twilio together to make your girlfriend your fiancé? Ask Dan Fowlie. The New Zealand based developer built an app, and planned an elaborate scheme to ship his proposal using Twilio SMS. The Plan Dan and his fiancée Kate Whalan are huge fans of the movie Garden State and its writer, director and starring man, Zach Braff. When… Read More

How To Build a Call Center with Parse and Twilio


Back in September, Parse held their inaugural Parse Developer Day, a one day conference focused on empowering developers with new tools to help them deploy apps faster. Kevin Whinnery was on scene to present his talk “Building A Call Center With Parse And Twilio”, showing you how to develop and deploy a call center without provisioning a server, setting up a database, or even hiring a… Read More

Roger Stringer Shows You How To Live Blog With Twilio SMS And Simperium

When you’re at a conference it’s easy to get inspired but hard to find the time to share your thoughts then and there. Going from talk, to demo, to meetup, carving out time to blog and share your thoughts might not be an option. Roger Stringer (pictured right), independent developer, Twilio DOer, and author of the Twilio Cookbook built a hack that lets you post photo… Read More

Joel Goldman Makes CitiBike Sharing Easier w/ Twilio SMS

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Adults aren’t great at sharing. Well, at least not when it comes to bikes Since New York City launched the CitiBike program last May, commuters trying to use the bike sharing program have struggled to find a bike when they need one, and struggled to find an empty docking space when they’re done with the bikes. The Gothamist detailed an account of two grown adults racing… Read More

Rezhound Lets You Snag Last Minute Resturant Reservations Via Twilio SMS

RezhoundSquare copy 2

Reed Kavner just wanted to eat at NOPA. The problem was actually getting a seat without making reservations weeks in advance. Reed built Rezhound so diners can capitalize on last minute cancellations via SMS. Let’s say you wanted to eat at your favorite restaurant on Wednesday night, but there are no tables available. You can search Rezhould for the restaurant, select your availability that night, your… Read More

Secure Your Node.js Webhooks with Middleware for Express


Editor’s Note: Hey there! Are you new to Twilio and node.js? If so, you might want to check out this tutorial first to get your feet wet. If you’re using Twilio in your node.js app with our official module, you might already be using our utility functions that help you validate that an HTTP request to your webhook was indeed originated from Twilio. This is a… Read More