Get.Down with Twilio and Box #SXSW 2014, You’re Invited

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Every year, startups, DOers, and old friends head to Austin, TX for SXSW. We’re excited to say hi to our wonderful community and friends in person this year, and we’re kicking off SXSW with a bang. We’re hosting an afternoon of delicious food, tasty beer and great company. We’d love for you to come — there’s just one thing you need to do first. We crafted… Read More

Twilio on Rails – Integrating Twilio With Your Rails 4 App


In this blog post I’m going to walk you through the basics of integrating Twilio with your Rails 4 application. We’ll cover signing-up for Twilio, purchasing a phone number and connecting that phone number to your Rails app. But first I’d like to tell you a story. Long before I joined Twilio and became a Developer Evangelist I was a small business owner who needed to… Read More

Global Reach from Australia to Hong Kong: Announcing Twilio SMS Numbers in Six New Countries


One API with global reach – that’s our mission as we continue to expand capabilities around the world for you to reach customers wherever they are. Today, at Mobile World Congress, we announced expanded messaging capabilities in six new countries: Australia, Austria, Estonia, Hong Kong, Lithuania and Switzerland. Starting now, sign up for the beta of these messaging-enabled numbers. Getting To Know Your Numbers These expanded… Read More

Twilio Brings the Power of Communications to IBM Cloud Platform, Codename: BlueMix


Twilio is joining forces with IBM to bring voice, messaging, and VoIP functionality to developers on the IBM Cloud Platform. Today, IBM announced the open beta for Codename: BlueMix, a cloud platform that combines open source PaaS technology with a host of application services. Developers can deploy and manage Twilio applications quickly from the BlueMix administrative console, configuring Twilio account information in a single step. The… Read More

The Tech Behind A Tow: The City Of Boston Reunites Cars With Owners Using Twilio Voice


The instant a car gets towed, the clock starts. For every hour the car and the owner are separated, it costs all parties involved money.  Police spend their valuable time tracking down the owner. Towing companies take up valuable lot space storing the car while the owner makes dozens of calls to track down their car. The City of Boston towed 44,787 cars in 2012. When… Read More

Star Wars Episodes As Community Forums And Other Lessons With Jeff Atwood


Communities are complicated. But, they’re a little easier to understand when StackOverflow, and founder, Jeff Atwood, breaks them down in terms of Star Wars episodes. The developers who want answers to specific programming challenges, they can go to Stack Overflow (aka Star Wars: A New Hope).                       System administrators, they can head to Server Fault… Read More

Burpy Crowd Sources Food Delivery With Twilio SMS


Waiting for your food to arrive while you’re out to dinner is one thing. Waiting for your food to arrive after you’ve already been waiting an hour for delivery is another. Five friends from Austin, TX founded a crowd-sourced food delivery business to cut down on wait times and refine the delivery workflow with Twilio SMS. Burpy was founded by 5 native Texans, who alot have… Read More