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Communicate With Confidence: Introducing The Twilio Messaging Quality Dashboard


Businesses all over the world are connecting with customers via text. Whether those messages are going across an ocean or around the corner, quality counts. Consistency and confidence in message deliverability enable you to deliver a high quality experience for the customer.

Today, we’re happy to introduce you to the Messaging Quality Dashboard, to give you deeper insight into the messages you send everyday through Twilio.

The Quality Dashboard is a one-stop-shop to see what happens to your messages when they’re sent through carriers. It gives you a comprehensive rundown of carrier acknowledgement in any country or region you’re sending messages to. So what does that mean exactly?

When you send a text through Twilio, we send it to a carrier in 198 countries around the world. After the text is sent through our API, the carrier can relay a message status back to us, saying that they successfully received the text. These are called carrier acknowledgments. While carriers don’t always send back receipts 100% of the time, (even if the message was sent successfully) we record these acknowledgements and use the information to continuously improve our global reach.

We’ve compiled all the data into a Carrier Acknowledgement percentage in the Messaging Quality Dashboard. The percentages are based on the number of messages sent that we’ve received carrier acknowledgements for, telling us that your message was sent successfully. This data gives you a deep dive into messaging success in the country or region you’re sending SMS to, so you can communicate with confidence.  Each month, we’ll update the quality percentages with new data.

Got questions? You can check out the Messaging Quality Dashboard FAQ here.

Whether you’re building the future of transportation in America, or improving lives in Ghana, message consistency is critical. With this information, we hope you can scale your businesses faster and more efficiently, knowing you’re backed by the quality of the Twilio platform.  We can’t wait to see what you build!

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