Scaling For Thousands of Pizza Orders During The Super Bowl With LiveOps Twilio and Web RTC

Marty Beard, CEO of LiveOps

On Super Bowl Sunday everything is on the line — for pizza franchises. While two teams are busy vying for the coveted NFL championship, pizza franchises are handling 2.5 times their normal quantity of orders– all at once. This year, a leading pizza franchise handled over thousands of phone orders, logging a record number of minutes, with thousands of those calls coming in a 15-minute window. To make sure every fan’s call got through they turned to LiveOps Cloud Contact Center Platform and Twilio.

There’s no room for fumbling on Sunday, whether it’s dropped footballs or dropped calls. But scaling for the Super Bowl is no easy task. Traditionally, pizza franchises (much like many large franchises) hired telecom companies to set up stacks and stacks of hardware, spending millions of dollars. Then they would hold out hope the hardware would stand up to demand scale. This year, a large pizza company moved to the cloud, using LiveOps Cloud Contact Center Platform CRM to enable their support staff to handle calls easily and directly from their browser with WebRTC.

So how do operators handle so many calls all at once? Here’s how it worked. When a customer dialed in to place an order, they were dropped into the LiveOps CRM. From there, agents could easily answer customer calls, monitor wait time, and route calls, all powered by Twilio Client and WebRTC.

On gameday, call center operators handled tens of thousands of orders, making sure no football fan went without their pizza. Fans got hungry around halftime, making thousands of calls in just a 15 minute window from 5:15 PST to 5:30. All in all, customers and agents chatted about their favorite pizza toppings and who they thought would win for more than 250,000 minutes. That’s about the length of 1,040 Super Bowls.
“WebRTC is no longer part of the ‘imagine-if-you-will’ contact center of the future, it’s now part of today’s strategic cloud contact center offerings,” said Marty Beard, CEO of LiveOps Cloud Contact Center Platform. For companies shipping anything from pizzas, to production ready apps, software solutions are  making it easier to deliver an awesome customer experience.