Star Wars Episodes As Community Forums And Other Lessons With Jeff Atwood


Communities are complicated. But, they’re a little easier to understand when StackOverflow, and founder, Jeff Atwood, breaks them down in terms of Star Wars episodes.


  • The developers who want answers to specific programming challenges, they can go to Stack Overflow (aka Star Wars: A New Hope).

  • System administrators, they can head to Server Fault (aka The Empire Strikes Back).

  • Computer enthusiasts, maybe not professionals, looking to talk shop log on to Super User (aka Return of the Jedi).

    Jeff Atwood stopped by Twilio HQ to talk about distinguishing different types of communities and what they want from their platform in his talk “Learning Vs. Discussion”. In his talk, he covers building Stack Overflow from a discussion platform to a question and answer platform and the critical difference between the two.

    • dtobias

      And which forum does Jar Jar Binks belong in?

      • Twilio

        @dtobias:disqus Either the Sarlacc pit (banned), or in the belly of the Exogorth. Or in his own forum, far, far away.