Global Reach from Australia to Hong Kong: Announcing Twilio SMS Numbers in Six New Countries

One API with global reach – that’s our mission as we continue to expand capabilities around the world for you to reach customers wherever they are. Today, at Mobile World Congress, we announced expanded messaging capabilities in six new countries: Australia, Austria, Estonia, Hong Kong, Lithuania and Switzerland.
Starting now, sign up for the beta of these messaging-enabled numbers.

Getting To Know Your Numbers

These expanded messaging-enabled numbers allow you to send and receive text messages with local mobile numbers. Whether you’re sending a message locally, or from Austria to Australia, rest easy knowing they’ll be delivered quickly and reliably through our network of in 198 countries.

Numbers in Australia, Austria, Estonia, and Switzerland are enabled to send and receive messages internationally to 198 countries. Lithuanian and Hong Kong numbers are currently enabled for domestic traffic only.


Uber and PayByPhone Go Global With Twilio Messaging

Companies like PayByPhone and Uber are already using international messaging to grow their business and deliver amazing experiences to customers.

paybyphone2_tcm15-36691PayByPhone, the leader in mobile parking payments, uses Twilio SMS to give their customers an easy way to pay for parking on the go. If a customer’s meter is running low, they’ll be alerted via text, and can easily pay for parking through PayByPhone’s mobile app, without having to run back to the meter and fumble for change. As PayByPhone is launching in new international markets, they rely on Twilio to make sure texts are sent successfully, & at scale.

New-Logo-Vertical-DarkUber delivers high quality, on-demand transportation at the push of a button. After launching in the states, they’re rapidly expanding internationally and using Twilio SMS to keep drivers and customers in constant contact. Uber depends on Twilio to ensure customers are alerted via text the instant their car arrives, in any market, stateside or abroad. “With Twilio, messages are delivered very reliably which has helped us scale as we grow as a company,” said Curtis Chambers, Manager of Engineering at Uber.

We are accepting customers into beta now, sign up here. We can’t wait to see what you build.

  • Shaun Trennery

    South Africa next please

  • Bertie van Greunen

    Yes, South Africa Please!!

    • Twilio

      Hey Bertie, We’re working on South Africa and we will keep you posted as soon as we have news. You can sign up to be notified when we have availability in South Africa here: and stay on top of all our global announcements here:

      • Schalk

        Definitely South Africa next, BIG PLEASE.

        • Twilio

          Hey @disqus_qcueg9dyVb:disqus,
          We are still working on it and we will let you know as soon as it’s available. You can sign up for notifications here:

          • David Reinecke

            Oh my gosh. PLEASE do South Africa next! Any word on progress in the last 10 months?

  • Morten

    Denmark next please – only thing missing for us to engage 100% with the platform. Thanks!

    • Kasper

      Agree with Morten, @twilio:disqus . Open up for sms in Denmark too. We need this.

  • Alessandro Marzini

    When Italy?

  • Josh

    As DJ Tomekk said… ;-)

    “One, two, three from New York to Germany, do you wanna come party with me
    come join the family yo, so let’s flow yo”

    The important bit here is “Germany” :)

  • Guest

    Test messahe

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    Test message

  • Guest 2

    Test message@!@@@@

  • Aaron

    When I go to purchase an SMS capable number for Australia, none are available. Have you discontinued support for Australia SMS?

    • Twilio

      Hey @Aaron,
      We have not discontinued support for Australia SMS. This is likely an inventory issue, and we will have more phone numbers in your desired location soon.

      • Andrea Dyck

        This has become an issue for me as well. Will there soon be more Australia SMS numbers available?

  • babi

    Ethiopia please:(

  • Frederick Van-Wyk

    Namibia please!!!!