Scaling Little Dragon’s Fan to Band Connection With Twilio and Pusher


After nearly twenty years of writing, recording and touring, Swedish rockers Little Dragon have amassed thousands of loyal fans. To promote their upcoming album, they wanted to find a way to reach their fans authentically, and intimately. With the help of rock-minded developer Lee Martin and Twilio, Little Dragon reached out to 19,000 fans in an unusually personal way. Lee’s final product for Little Dragon let… Read More

Build Your Own Lockitron With Twilio, Arduino, and Node.js

Jon Gottfried

Join the discussion on Hacker News! This tutorial is based on a workshop I gave at the Makerland conference in Poland. It will teach you how to wirelessly control a deadbolt lock without damaging or modifying the lock itself. We will be using an Arduino Uno, a servo, and Node.js to make it possible for you to lock and unlock your door via SMS. This is… Read More

TechCityInsider Dives into What Will Make or Break Your Startup Global Startup Expansion

Crossing the pond is the easy part. Landing in London and expanding your startup internationally is much harder–and incredibly rewarding. TechCityInsider hosted a podcast featuring reps from TechCity UK, General Assembly, Twilio, AirBnB and oDesk, to talk about the keys to successfully growing your company in London. Here are some highlights from the podcast. Have Startup, Will Travel Matt Cynamon, somewhat jokingly volunteered to head General… Read More

Call My Nana: Danielle Leong Sets Up Life Saving Voice Reminders For Her Grandma With Twilio

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 6.03.39 PM

The following post was written by Danielle Leong Front End Web Developer at Twilio, and wonderful grand-daughter to her dear Grandmother. My grandmother is 92 years old. She has 6 children and 11 grandchildren (not counting the furry, four-legged ones). She was on the first women’s basketball team in San Francisco, served on the city’s Grand Jury, and was an avid swing dancer. She’s still fiercely… Read More

Eric Blue’s Home Automation Hacks with Belkin, Twilio and Siri


Eric Blue started experimenting with home automation almost on accident. He just wanted to automate inconvenient aspects of apartment life. When Eric’s friends came to visit him and pressed his apartment buzzer, he would get a call. But, if when he was watching a movie or playing a video game he’d often miss the call. So, Eric used Twilio to forward calls from his apartment buzzer… Read More

The Road Coders Survival Kit


Your friendly neighborhood Twilio developer evangelism crew racks up a fair amount of road time around the world in our continuing mission to see the incredible stuff you all build. In addition to accumulating buckets of frequent flyer miles, mapping power outlets in every airport from LHR to SFO and taste testing the entire menu from Buffalo Wild Wings, we’ve also collected  in our travels a… Read More

Unit Testing Your Twilio App Using Python’s Flask and Nose


It happens every time.  You fire up your editor.  The Twilio app spits off your fingers, deftly wielding the TwiML primitives you know to build your voice or SMS functionality.  You save. You commit. You deploy.  You set the request URLs for your Twilio number.  You gingerly unlock your phone and confidently tap in the digits.  Then you hear it: “We’re sorry.  An application error has… Read More

Washio Brings You Ninja-Delivered Laundry, Twilio Powered SMS Notifications


Imagine for a moment that you never have to deal with laundry or dry cleaning again. Instead, ninjas deliver washed and folded laundry straight to your door. Washio CEO and Founder Jordan Metzner (pictured right) is working to make this fantasy a reality. He’s reimagined our peskiest chore, and his version has more cookies, more ninjas, more texts and much less work. He’s also giving special… Read More

Design an Intelligent Mobile App Distribution Experience with ASP.NET and Twilio


You spent hours building a beautiful mobile app for your customers.  You made the herculean effort to take the app across multiple mobile platforms.  “Build it and they will come” they said.  But now your app is getting lost amongst the ever growing sea of mobile apps. If you’ve reached this point it’s time to build a marketing plan for your app and Mobile App Distribution… Read More