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Jeff Lawson Builds An App In 5 Minutes Using Twilio and IBM’s Cloud Platform, Codename: Bluemix


BhQTdcKCYAAnqvQLast week at IBM’s Pulse Conference, we announced our partnership with IBM, bringing the power of communications to their new cloud platform, Codename: Bluemix. To show off the power of the new platform, Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson built an app live on stage using Twilio and Codename Bluemix in front of 11,000 Pulse attendees. In less than 5 minutes, Jeff’s app was up and running.

Watch Jeff build the app [starting at 51:37], and catch Robert LeBlanc’s announcement of Codename: Bluemix below.

To get started using Bluemix, sign up for beta here, and check out Developer Evangelist Kevin Whinnery’s Twilio + Bluemix walkthrough here.



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