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Nordic APIs Tour: Bringing The API Revolution On The Road With Ben Nunney


nordicThe world is a very different place now than it was 20 years ago. Back in the 90s, when the vision of a computer on every desk in every home was starting to look like it might really happen, few people predicted the hyper-connected world in which technology would come to thrive.

Little thought was given to upgrading infrastructure to cope with high-speed data connections and, more relevantly, software was written to stand almost entirely on its own.

Today, in the world of devices and services, things look very different. We stand on the brink of the API revolution – with more and more companies offering services that software developers can ‘plug in’ and make use of. Twilio, SendGrid, Pusher – and so many others like us – are providing services that anyone can build into their software.

8111531175_92d92d3169_cBut revolutions don’t just happen. They take a community. We’re thrilled to join other API providers on this year’s Nordic APIs Tour to learn your community’s needs and help you harness the power of connected software and services.”

“We are excited to be offering such a comprehensive agenda in each of the countries we are visiting,” said Travis Spencer, co-organiser of Nordic APIs. “and to host a great lineup of speakers that are able to share about the overarching ideas behind private, partner and public APIs at the same time that they offer practical insights,” adds fellow organiser, Andreas Krohn.

“The experience they have to share from working with businesses all around the world as well as here in the Nordics will certainly result in a great tour.” Tickets are available at the Nordic APIs website for Stockholm on March 31st, Copenhagen on April 1st, Helsinki on April 2nd and Oslo on April 3rd. The events run from 11:30 – 17:00 local time.

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