Reach More Customers Across North America: Introducing Canadian Short Codes


You need powerful tools to scale the communication between you and your customers. Twilio Short Codes are now available in Canada. This offers you a way to reach millions of customers in North America, all at once, using one API.

Learn more about Twilio Short Codes here, and apply for your Canadian Short Code today.

Text Canadian Users Faster with Short Codes

Twilio Short Codes are 5 or 6 digit phone numbers that are used by businesses to send and receive thousands of text messages instantly. Short Codes are programmed the same way as regular phone numbers, but send messages at a much faster rate of 30 messages per second or higher. This higher bandwidth messaging is perfect for applications that need to send time-sensitive or bulk messages.

Take Your Brand Across The Border

You can now address users in Canada using a vanity short code that ties the communication experience with your brand. For businesses reaching out to users in both US and Canada, it’s important to keep the brand experience consistent across borders. Now, you can send messages to customers in Canada using a short code number that matches your US short code so users in both countries will see the same number.

Helping You Navigate Your Way Into Canada

Navigating the short code approval process with carriers can be a daunting task. Twilio makes this complex process simple. Our dedicated Short Code Operations Team works with you to lease your short code in Canada and handles the carrier approval process on your behalf.

Grow Users in Canada

Companies like PayByPhone, the global leader in mobile payments for the parking industry, are already benefiting from Twilio Short Codes in the US, UK, and Canada.

“Partnering with Twilio enables our customers to receive text message reminders before their parking session expires, one of PayByPhone’s most popular features, allowing them to quickly add more time and reduce parking fines. As we continue to expand globally, we truly value our partnership with Twilio on our mission to provide a great consumer experience,” says Kush Parikh, President of PayByPhone North America.

We can’t wait to see what you build with these new Twilio short codes. Get started here.

  • Michael

    That’s great! :) I’m really waiting for your guys to allow porting phone numbers in Canada. When do you guys think you will supporting that feature?? Pretty pllleaseee…

    It’s hard to grow customers when they can’t transfer their existing numbers over to Twilio within Canada.

    • Michael – we definitely understand the need, we don’t have a firm timeline yet but we’re always working on providing more capabilities for our customers around the world. Stay tuned.

      • I’m also extremely interested in Canadian porting…

        • Russell, We’ll keep you posted on Canadian porting and we’ll announce any updates to porting.

  • Jeff

    You charge 3K for 3months. Does this go down over time, since the cost of Canadian Shortcodes are reduced over time?