Making Your Apartment Buzzer Party Friendly With Raspberry Pi and Twilio


Amy Ciavolino’s friends were stuck outside of her apartment waiting to be let in to the party. They repeatedly pressed Amy’s apartment buzzer with no luck. The buzzer was too quiet, and Amy’s party was too loud. Throughout the night, the cycle repeated: Amy’s friends pressed the buzzer, waited in vain, finally called Amy, and Amy would come to the rescue, only to be interrupted moments… Read More

Introducing Message Delivery Information: Helping You Track And Deliver More Messages With Twilio


Crafting the right message is one part of the picture when you’re communicating with customers. You need to make sure your message is delivered to your customers. Today we’re introducing Message Delivery Information, allowing you to track delivery status for each SMS and MMS message you send, in real time. Message Delivery Information gives you the data you need to improve delivery rates and reach a… Read More

Send And Receive SMS Messages via Email with Twilio and Sendgrid

Most of us spend all day reading and writing email. What if you could also send and receive SMS messages using email? How would you do that? That’s actually a question that we get fairly frequently, so I built an example application that does just that. In this this blog post, I will be showing you how to send and receive SMS messages via email using… Read More

How To Set Up GitHub Activity SMS Alerts


Building a community around a new open source project is a tall order. Immediate feedback is critical when a collaborating developer opens a pull request on your GitHub project. One key component to a healthy repository community I’ve learned over the past year is to comment on and merge pull requests as soon as they are opened. The short feedback loop allows other developers to feel… Read More

Growing In Europe: Announcing Lower Prices, More Coverage And Wider Access In Europe


The right message can open doors–literally. European based companies use Twilio to help their customers do anything from opening a door via text message, to finding the right medical care, to getting a quality loan. Since entering the European market two and a half years ago, we saw exponential growth. Last year, Twilio Voice traffic grew 300% thanks to the companies building with Twilio. With this… Read More

Wix Takes Customer Experience Into Their Own Hands And Builds A Twilio-Powered Call Center


Meet Wix, a platform that allows anyone to easily build customized websites or online stores. They take their customer service seriously, and when users have a question or need a hand building a website, they call Wix’s support team for live one-on-one help. In the beginning, this worked well for their one million users. But, when their number of users jumped to 20 million in just… Read More

#CXRoadshow: Atlanta & London Sold Out! Get Tickets for Upcoming Cities Now


Last week, The Engineering The Customer Experience Roadshow came to Atlanta for the first sold out stop on a six city tour, and boy did Atlanta set the bar high. The day was jampacked with keynotes on the future of communications, panels on building vs buying a call center, customer success stories and more. We’re headed to London next on May 22nd. Tickets are sold out,… Read More

Ansible Text Message Notifications with Twilio SMS


Nothing puts a damper on a developer’s work day quite like coming back from lunch to find a broken application deployment. But who wants to bring their laptop to lunch with them to check deployment progress? Life would be so much easier if you could just receive a text message on your phone when the deployment completes successfully or if something goes horribly wrong that needs… Read More