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Introducing Timezone Selection in the Account Portal


Twilio’s Account Portal gives you valuable insight into all your interactions with Twilio: from the billing details of your accounts, to the logs for your calls and messages. All the dates and times you see in the Account Portal are usually displayed in UTC or Pacific time, Twilio’s home timezone. Today, we’re pleased to announce a new feature puts you in charge of the way we display dates and times.

For international developers building on Twilio, constantly converting between timezones is no picnic, and can make debugging tricky. The new Timezone Selection feature applies globally across the Account Portal, so you can choose your timezone once and get back to building.  It’s a little thing, but we get why it is so important.


At Twilio, we’re excited to address the needs of our increasingly international developer base.  Timezone Selection is just one small part of that.  To choose your timezone, visit your User Settings.

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