• https://kev.inburke.com kevinburke

    This is certainly very useful functionality but I’m a little upset that this functionality isn’t available in the API.

    To replicate “search from time A to time B in timezone C” in the API, you have to:

    1) Convert the time values to UTC
    2) If your range crosses a day boundary, fetch both days
    3) Fetch resources
    4) If the result involves paging, page to seek to the relevant time range, since you’ll get the results starting at midnight on the last day you asked for
    5) Filter out the results you don’t need, which makes it difficult to return a specific number of results to the caller since any # of results asked for (say, 50) might cross a page boundary in Twilio’s API.

    It seems like Twilio’s customers could have gotten this for free if the Dashboard was forced to be a client of the API.