Sierra Wireless Helps Hardware Devices Communicate With Twilio SMS


Computers aren’t the best conversationalists. To get them to open up and share information, you have to know exactly what you’re searching for. Sierra Wireless helps businesses extract and share information collected by hardware devices ranging from Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Home Security Systems. By collecting the right information easily and remotely, Sierra gives businesses the performance data they need.

Here’s how it works. Sierra Wireless’ AirVantage Management service connects hardware devices to the cloud. When that hardware device logs information, it uploads that information to the cloud automatically. AirVantage users can access the information you need from those devices remotely and securely through web and mobile apps.

Now, SierraWireless users have a new way to access their devices’ information. They can send SMS commands via Twilio to their remote cellular gateways or modules. For SierraWIreless’ customers looking to run a script or trigger an information backup remotely from their phones, SMS is an easy option.

SierraWireless is hoping this new feature helps companies cut down on costly field service requests that require technicians to service the devices in person. You can learn more about this new feature here